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We Believe that every customer you need is within 5 minutes of your front door and you can reach them for nickels and dimes.

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Small Business Marketing Strategies

Business Change? Adapt or Die. Like Solar.

What happens when your customers change, your prospects change and marketing changes? Well, if you stubbornly remain the same and cling to the same old strategies, You Die. Plain and simple. There are entire segments of massive businesses that are going to hell...

3 Marketing Stories Every Small Business Must Tell

As a small business owner, did you know there are 3 critical marketing stories you must be telling to turn your prospects into customers? Marketing stories are so important now, especially for small business, because traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to...

Kelly-the-Barber; Story Marketing from the Barber Chair

Have you ever gone to have your hair cut and walked away feeling mentally refreshed - and looking good? I have the coolest Barber, she’s like a therapist with scissors; she’s curious about what’s going on, interested in what I’m up to and she’s always got a story to...

PokemonGo; a Breath of Sanity and a Taste of Fish

In the midst of the PokemonGo craze, lets take a moment to discover the true meaning of Poke - the one closest to my heart. Well, closest to my stomach. We talk a lot (on the blog and in our trainings) about small business marketing - and restaurant marketing in...

Snapchat for Business Stories

The first thing we think of when someone says "Snapchat" isn't generally "Business Marketing" - but it should be because it's new, hot and, especially if you're targeting the under 30 crowd, a wide open opportunity for interesting, useful and entertaining business...