The Power of “We Believe” Marketing Statements

As business owners, we’d all like to be able to flip a switch and bring 100 new, loyal, ready-to-buy customers through the front door, or, for those of us in the service business, to be invited to come through 100 new customer doors. These ‘We Believe’ marketing statements are a key part of the overall strategy that will get you there.

Video Marketing that embraces We Believe statements give you an instant, personal connection with the viewer; prospect, customer or both. When you let people know who you are, where you stand and what you believe about the results you help create for your clients and customers, you can communicate with them in a relatable, non-salesy way

These are the 3 marketing fundamentals that matter:

1. Getting Attention – Finding the best prospects for your business, and getting them through your front door.

2. Engaging people – Building relationships with new prospects and existing customers

3. Monetizing – Selling something, turning the work you did in steps 1 and 2 into money-in-the-bank.

So, here’s question; does your marketing currently feel … Frustrating? Expensive? Time Consuming? Complicated?

It doesn’t have to be.

Once you embrace and refine your We Believe Marketing statements and implement these critical business survival fundamentals – understanding these cornerstones, business is fun again – less stress, more money, more time.

Finding the right people

Engaging them with the right messages

…and turning that into money.

Foundational Marketing Skills

These 3 skills are the foundations of the Neighborhood Marketing System – that’s what we do, build local marketing systems for you – but for starters, lets focus on…

Engagement — Building a little relationship with people; prospects on their way to your cash register. Relationship-ing isn’t selling – there’s a time and place for both, and it’s always a good plan to start with the level of trust you get with a bit of friendly education. With some core marketing assets, you’ll become known as the local expert – and people love to buy from the expert.

We’re all about creating permanent marketing assets and teaching the skills that serve you for, months, even years. I’m going to share what I believe is the foundational piece to all marketing, the concept of “WHAT WE BELIEVE”

So – let me ask you a question;

Do people really know what your company stands for?

Do they know what you Believe?

I don’t mean the stuff on your website “about” page – everyone has that, and it’s all about you – newsflash; nobody cares about you, they really just care about themselves (if you don’t believe that – go look at Facebook) but – they do care about what you can do for THEM.

Instead of saying “we’re wonderful, we’ve been around 40 years, we did this, we did that” tell them what you believe and why it matters to them. “We Believe” marketing is all about the customer so it grabs their attention and sucks them in.

Belief statements are compelling when written, you’re going to use this on your website, on your Facebook page, your emails, every communication with your customers; “Since We Believe in this ____, we’ve done that ___”

Here’s an example of how fun and engaging this can be ; (Hair Salon “We Believe” Video Example) 

“We Believe” Marketing Statements:

Your “We Believe” marketing statements made into a video is a win on many levels – your prospects get to know you, your happy customers get closer to you and have something they can share with their friends, and your staff wins – as they begin to integrate these beliefs, it becomes part of your company culture, keeping things light and fun while keeping people focused on “how we treat customers”.

These videos can be used again and again into the future.  You’ll use the Belief statements in just about every form of marketing and communication you do. That is a LOT of mileage out of one video … in marketing speak; “multi-purposing content”.

This is important; When you take a stand, people take notice. So, let them know where you stand.

Those are a few ways to use your We Believe Marketing Statements video – for the long term.

“We Believe” Marketing Cheat Sheet:

I’ve made a downloadable step-by-step cheat sheet – grab it so you can start discovering and writing down your own belief statements.

This simple concept, done well, will transform your marketing into something fairly meaningful and quite profitable.

if you’d like to know how to build your marketing system – so instead of wasting time and money, you have a solid plan and foundation in place, you might want to talk to us some more.

But first – Download the PDF, the ‘cheat sheet’ that’ll help you uncover your Belief Statements – and then, book a call with me – in 15-20 minutes, I’ll help you discover at least 3 Belief statements and show you how to easily integrate them in your business – and I’m happy to do the call for free – because …

I believe your marketing can be simple; just do three things;

Get Attention,

Build Engagement and


Meet people, talk to people and sell them something.

This simple concept is extremely flexible and gives you a hook in your marketing – extremely useful, especially in your local market. Keep playing around with it, nothing’s written in stone and the whole process can continue to evolve.

It just take a little thought and a little enthusiasm.

Until next time, Keep on “We Believing” – you’ll walk a little faster, smile a little wider and sell more!

Are You Ready to Make This Happen for You and Your Business?

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