Facebook for Business

How to use storytelling on Facebook for your Business Marketing

Let’s talk about Social Storytelling for business marketing – the stories we tell are marketing in that they energize our customers and inspire them to share us, with their friends… new folks who become our prospects.

This video we did recently will give you a few great tips to maximize your Facebook business page – and attract more fans, or ‘likes’. People love to share cool stuff on Facebook – let’s make sure YOU are part of that cool stuff!

Business stories give people insight into why you do what you do. Consumers are inspired to buy when they see how passionate you are, when they see that what you do is meaningful to you as a human being. It gives them greater faith that it will be good – and they will discover a need for it!

As small business owners we are perfectly suited for telling stories – ours are interesting! Throughout this series we will explore the best ways to tell yours – and we’ll share what others are doing well for inspiration.

As we tell our stories – we want them to seen and heard by as many folks a foundation first.

Facebook. It’s not a waste of time – it’s where your customers already are, so make it easy to connect with them on the worlds largest social network.

Let’s have fun telling business stories, socially. It’s more than a cool idea – it’s the way things work best, so get on board right now for success 🙂

12 Ways to  Successfully engage in Social Storytelling on your Facebook page!
We talk quite a bit in the world of business social marketing about the need to “connect” and “engage” and “post good content” – and a lot of other really valuable concepts and buzzwords – and then sometimes it just comes down to a simple question I hear again and again: What are the best ways to share my story on my Facebook page?

Facebook fans are not the only audience in social media when it comes to getting our small business marketing seen, but they are major influencers who will take your story and share it with their friends and followers.

Here are a dozen specific ways to increase the effectiveness of your social storytelling:

1. Just starting out? Ask your friends and family to join your page and share it – it’s a baby step, but one that will get you some fast results. Friends and family know your business story better than anyone and they will want their connections to know all about you.  And when it comes to social media, people do tend to trust recommendations from their friends.

2. Run some Facebook “like” ads – simple and straightforward, you can choose your target audience in the Ads Manager and Facebook will show your page to those people. Spend as little as $5 bucks a day. The ad features your cover photo so make sure it’s interesting and reflects some aspect of your story.

3. Post from your blog to Facebook – people love to share stuff that matters and a blog post (with photos or a meaningful video) gives them something to share – something with value (the ideas in the post) and something that’s eye catching – visuals that pull them into your story.

4. Add the Facebook social plug-in widget to your blog – this provides social proof to people by reinforcing that some of their friends like your page – and therefore they should too!

5. Add prominent “LIKE” and “FOLLOW US” Facebook buttons on every page of your site – people spend wayyyy more time on Facebook than on your site – so connect them to your Facebook page whenever you can

6. Include a link to your Facebook page in your email signature – make it obvious, make it easy.

7. Offer an incentive to “Like” your page – a free eBook or a special ‘new fan’ discount – most people “like” a business page so they get great deals

8. Create a special offer for your fans to share with their friends – one that brings them to your page

9. Give fan-only content via a tab on your Facebook page, all people have to do is click “Like” for that great … something

10. Include your Facebook page as one of the featured ‘websites’ on your LinkedIn profile.

11. Post interesting photos, videos or inspirational quotes – anything that draws some kind of connection to your story. Share them out so that people can easily track back to your page to see more.

12. Run a contest or competition – photo contests are easy if you can make that work with your business – your fans will enter and encourage their friends to vote for them by going to your page and liking their photo – perhaps inspiring them to enter on their own.

A dozen quick ideas that will help you tell and share your story on Facebook and grow your audience. Now, if you’re ready, let’s jump over to our next video at https://socialjumpstart.com/youtube-for-business/