LinkedIn for Business: The Social Site for “Professionals”

As you continue to tell your business story in various ways in various places, you may leverage LinkedIn as well.

Traditionally LinkedIn has been seen as the “Business Social Network” and many, if not most, of the members use the site to make business connections, business-to-business as opposed to business-to-consumer.

If your core customer is a business person or business owner, then LinkedIn a is perfect platform for you. Even if your focus is on consumers, business owners are consumers as well and by leveraging LinkedIn with a story that may be more fun or interesting than the “articles” mostly found, then you’ll stand out.

This gives you an opportunity to tell your story in a slightly different way – or the same way, told in a different place reaching different people.

More People = More Prospects = More Sales

You can find targeted prospects on LinkedIn because they tend to join groups, which you can join as well and post your story (not spam your message) you want to be relevant and useful.

Here is a video I did recently on how to leverage LinkedIn to make new connections and promote your business – no matter your business, there can be a benefit, if you’re using the site right – here are some tips:

As business owners, social storytelling is the new marketing – perfect for us and perfect for the people we connect with on LinkedIn – because everybody loves a good story!

Enjoy the video – you’ll see how easy it is to leverage LinkedIn for marketing and I will have more stories about storytelling for you soon!

This is great, you’re developing a rock solid foundation for online marketing success, congratulations! 


How to Use LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is the business social network. By connecting 225 million business professionals around the world and adding 2 new members every second, it’s easy to see why LinkedIn is considered the largest audience of influential, affluent professionals in one place.

Here are 5 Must-Do’s so Your Business can Leverage LinkedIn:

1. Make LinkedIn a Team Sport. Flex your company’s network by getting your employees involved in your Company Page. This will increase your company’s visibility to new customers and potential hires, it will help enrich your company culture when employees are engaged in and contributing to your business.

2. Join LinkedIn Groups. Do a quick search to find and join the groups talking about things that matter to your organization. You’ll meet people and gain exposure and, when you contribute…you’ll be seen as a community member who cares and provides good advice.

3. Showcase your products and services. Present your products, services and give members a compelling reason to follow you. Companies with a complete Products & Services tab tend to have twice as many followers, so spend some time on your profile – best foot forward!

4. Be Consistent – Post regularly. Talk about your business story: what you’re working on and who you’re working on it with. Include updates that are interesting to your target customers and clients, by you and by others – what’s important is that the reader cares.

5. Participate! Don’t let LinkedIn be just a virtual rolodex, use it! Connect with other pros in your business, recommend people that you know and like, join Groups and share ideas with others, post your articles and Answer Questions. People are online, and on LinkedIn, looking for information – if you know the answer, share it! Answering questions establishes your credibility as an expert – and everybody likes doing business with the expert. There are bound to be others looking for answers to the same challenge will notice your answer – and you.

5 things you ‘Must Do” to leverage LinkedIn – of course it all starts with your profile, so make sure that is all squared away (we have another video that covers that) and jump in – let LinkedIn help you grow.