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At Soci@l Jumpstart we know that your WHY story drives how consumers align their purchasing power with companies that share their outlook and values. If they can trust what you are saying, they can trust what you are selling.

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Mike Wolpert, Founder of Soci@l Jumpstart, is a small business marketing guy with 25+ years of sales, and creative experience. Throughout a career working with Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small businesses, he has seen the best marketing and the worst. Along the way he took a lot of notes.

He understands this for certain: traditional marketing doesn’t work the way it once did. Social media has destroyed the old ways of advertising and turned storytelling into the new marketing; It has changed the way people communicate. He built Soci@l Jumpstart with the sole aim of helping other small business owners and entrepreneurs get their story seen, heard and shared.



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