customer testimonial videos

Customer Video Testimonials

“Nothing speaks louder about you than the words of others”, it’s an old quote that’s more relevant today than ever; customer video testimonials are exactly that; the words of others, speaking loudly.

We are bombarded all day, every day with marketing messages, big headlines, massive ad campaigns, big bold claims … and a whole lot of noise. In a sea of big dollar ad spends, real people are leaning heavily on reviews and recommendations as they make their buying decisions.

Video Marketing; Customer Focused

Marketing in the Post-Pandemic era has to shift because consumer behavior has shifted; one strategy stands tall amongst the rest: Customer Video Testimonials.  We believe real people talking about real results, it’s simple.

Customer Video Testimonials can be done simply via ZOOM and more professionally on location or in our Marin County, California studio, either way, the message shines through!

The small business advantage;

We know our customers, we care, we live to solve their problems. We have relationships where big brands don’t. Customer testimonials are a great way to leverage those relationships, thank our current customers and share their good feelings about us to attract new prospects. Video Customer Testimonials are simple, effective and powerful – and especially useful for Experts and Professionals.

Share the Good News;

Creating customer video testimonials and posting them to social media is a big, easy marketing win; we showcase our happy customers in a simple and authentic way and then post those videos to social media to be seen and shared, reaching new people we might never have met otherwise. Customer testimonials are powerful and some of the best local marketing videos; easy to create with a long shelf life.

Video Customer Testimonials

Let your best customers tell the world what they love about you – and why. People will shout your praise from the rooftops, if they’re asked.

Marin Video Production

Customer Stories on Video;

Tell the before and after story; let your customer describe the problem they had, then the experience with you; buying the thing, getting the advice, using the service – they describe what you do and sell (your mechanism if you will) and then ask them about their life now, how is it better, faster, easier – what results are they enjoying? What do they like? How does it make them feel? A great asset for Experts & Professionals.