These 5 Marketing Videos will let you reach more prospects, get more customers and make more sales

We humans are hard-wired for stories; it’s how we’ve communicated things of importance with each other for a millennia.

Each one of these simple marketing videos is just a simple story, told in a way that gets attention, builds connection and leads to business.


This is more than what you do, this is about what you do for them, make clear what’s in it for your customers. 

Let people know what you Believe about them;
“We Believe our customers deserve these results ___”
We Believe their life is better because of this___”

Your ‘Why Story’ Video

All of the things that make you unique and special are all of the reasons people like being your customer.

Tell us WHY you do this thing you do – people are interested and it allows them to get to know, like, and trust you – easily.

Story of the Stuff video

Tell us about that thing you sell; where it’s made, how it’s made, who makes it. Give me reasons to believe it’s better.

Tell me how we’ll work together so my life gets better, tell me HOW you’ve done, what you’ve done – for your other clients.

Tell us about your industry, answer the most common questions, educate people and you’ll become the expert to buy from.

The Story of Your Staff

This video is Critical for any retail, real life, customer facing business.

Once prospects have seen you and your people on a video, on the internet, probably from the phone in the palm of their hand, it’s easier to know you a little and makes it more comfortable to come in or call.

We like to meet the people we’ll meet when we come in the store.

Customer Testimonials 

Nothing speaks louder about you than the words of others, on video.

It’s true today more than ever; in a sea of advertising static and noise, we seek social proof. Seeing a regular person (just like us) in a nice video review is far more believable and valuable than an ad.

People see themselves as your happy customers, having that happy experience – being your customer must feel so good!

These are the 5 videos that will form 5 pillars of your marketing and online presence – 5 videos that, when used as part of a marketing system, become permanent marketing assets that will grab attention, attract prospects, create customers – becoming an integral part of your growing success.

If you’re ready to step up your marketing by adding a video system that works, we can help.

I’m Mike Wolpert – My team and I have been telling business stories, digitally, online with video for over 10 years from our home base just north of San Francisco in Marin County California.

We know what works, we know how to capture the story of you, at your very best – get it seen, get it shared and get it to produce new business.

I also know that your story is unique – and we tell it that way. We develop your stories, write the scripts, film the videos, edit them all together and create a social media plan to get you found.

This is a very good idea – well worth exploring. Let’s discover how this will work for your business. Call my cell, leave a message or text and I’ll get back to you by close of business tomorrow – or, better yet, drop me an email – mike @ social jumpstart .com