Fresh prospects, New customers, more sales

A natural and easy way to connect with a new prospect is to smile and say; “let me tell you a little story”.

Your marketing videos are just simple stories that get attention, build connections and bring in business.


Tell me how my life is better as your customer, tell be about the transformation I’ll experience. 

Let people know what you Believe about them;
“We Believe our customers deserve these results ___”
We Believe their life is better because of this___”

Your ‘Why Story’

All of the things that make you unique and special are all of the reasons people like being your customer.

Tell us WHY you do this thing you do – people are interested and it allows them to get to know, like, and trust you – easily.

The Story of Your Stuff

Tell us about that thing you sell; Who makes it (and where, and how). Give me reasons to believe it’s better.

Tell me how we’ll work together so my life gets better. Tell me about your great results with other clients.

Talk about your industry, answer common questions, educate people and you’ll become the expert to buy from.

The Story of Your Staff

This video is perfect for every retail customer-facing business. Once we get to know you and your staff from a video, we feel like we know you and it’s easier to become your customer.

Telling the story of your staff helps us meet the people we’ll meet when we walk into your store, it also recognizes them, let’s them shine and everyone feels good!

Customer Testimonial Videos

Nothing speaks louder about you than the words of others.

Today, in a sea of advertising noise, we seek social proof. Seeing someone (just like us) in a video review is far more believable and valuable than an advertisement.

We can see ourselves as your happy customers (because being your customer must feel so good)!

Are you ready to grow your business with a marketing system that works?

These videos are permanent marketing assets that will:

  • Grab attention
  • Attract prospects
  • Create customers

We know what works. We know how to capture the story of you, at your very best – get it seen, get it shared and get it to produce new business for you.

Let’s discover how this will work for your business. Call my cell, leave a message or text, and I’ll get back to you by close of business, or better yet, drop me an email by clicking the big blue button below: