5 Best Local Marketing Videos

  • Say Hello 20% 20%
  • Tell ‘Em About It 40% 40%
  • Showing Off People 60% 60%
  • Customer Spotlight 80% 80%
  • Be The Expert ~ FAQs 100% 100%

Say Hello ~

Put a face on your business with a video welcome or a friendly interview

Tell ‘Em About It ~

Show off what you sell, tell us what you do, help me feel the positive results your customers enjoy so I’ll want to buy right now!

Show Off Your People ~

Get behind the scenes, show them how it’s made and who does what, let us meet your people before we even walk through the door. When new customers meet the people they saw in the video, the comfort level is already high, so they tend to buy more, and buy more often.

Customer Spotlight ~

Let your customers brag; nothing speaks louder about you than the words of others. A simple video review, interview, comment or testimonial is the most valid endorsement you could give.  Your credibility goes through the roof because real people are a thousand times more believable than an ad and it’s easy to step into the customers shoes, making the sale a given.

Be The Expert ~ Answer FAQ’s