Get started with YouTube for Business Marketing

Using YouTube for business marketing will make your storytelling pop! YouTube is the perfect social site for small business owners and entrepreneurs because we have great stories to tell and share. Let’s build the foundation first – let’s get you on your way to creating video stories of your own – and then posting those videos where they will get found – YouTube – the second largest search engine on the internet! This video we did recently will give you a few great tips to maximize your reach with video stories – and YouTube: This is a great time to be in business for yourself because we have the astounding ability to meet prospects online, connect with them in a meaningful way and turn them into customers. Consumers don’t trust advertising (do you?) – but they do trust their friends recommendations and real information from real people. Stories.

Business stories aren’t fiction, they’re the truth. The truth about why you do what you do. What drives you, what makes this special, people relate to your stories because, when told right, they are engaging, entertaining, inspirational – and they invite people to buy from you.

You can grow your business faster than you think using social media. – Throughout this series we will share everything you need to know about storytelling in social media so you can get better at it for marketing your business.

We have created this video training series to give you a strong foundation to build on. You’ll discover how to;

Continually generate stories that energize your customers and have prospects flocking to you.

Use video, simply done – often from your smart phone – to quickly capture and post.

Make the tech part simple, streamlined and easy to use.

Get your stories seen and shared.

Let’s have fun learning social storytelling – this isn’t just a bunch of theory, it’s real world experience. I’ve built my dream business, from scratch, by sharing stories (and videos) online – and you can too!. Let’s make it happen –

It’s time to have fun learning social storytelling from someone who walks in your shoes and knows what it’s like to build a dream from scratch. It’s time to be the storyteller of your business.


4 Ways to Use YouTube for Business Storytelling

How to Use You Tube for Business Video is a powerful marketing tool for businesses regardless of size, but YouTube’s search engine driven, free-to-use model, ease of use, and mass market audience means it’s a great channel for small business storytelling. You can share loads of information in a simple 2 or 3 minute video, presenting things in an entertaining and engaging manner. People love being entertained, and what better way to inform and educate than video? You show it, you tell it and then you show and tell it. Here are 4 ways to get started quickly on YouTube and begin to use it effectively Using YouTube for business gives you the double whammy of a wonderful, visual way to tell your story and a powerful search engine that makes it easy for people to find you telling your story. 1. Create and Customize Your Channel First things first. Customizing your channel is well worth the time it takes to set it up. By creating a custom header at the top with your company’s branding, customizing the colors and adding all the relevant information and links, you give your page a nice professional polish. 2. Humanize Your Business with a face. YouTube is a community made of real people and they want to see, hear and interact with other real people. The connection to your business becomes much more powerful if you or someone in your organization becomes the face of your brand. It changes the dynamic of the interaction from looking at videos from yet another company to building a relationship with a human being. Relationship building becomes part of a strategy that will help your company acquire customers for life. This person (ideally you!) should appear in most of your videos, be included in your channel header and perhaps even show up on video thumbnails. 3. Connect with the community – the YouTubers. Don’t be a YouTube island, it’s a social platform, so be sure to check out other content on the site, favorite appropriate videos and make suitable YouTube “friends.” Posting a bunch of videos in the beginning and then abandoning your channel isn’t a good idea. This isn’t part of a check list where you give it a one and done – it’s one of the most important elements of your online marketing. 4. Don’t Overlook the Search As with many other sites, YouTube’s content is organized and searchable around tags and keywords. People are searching Google – and thus YouTube – for specific words that will lead them to you, if you’re using those words. It’s definitely worth taking the time to add the most information possible to your videos because you’ll increase the ability of people to find them. There is a description box below the video – use it … a lot. Start with a link to your website and then tell people what the video is about, how it got made, what you’re about. This is also where you tell the search engines what this is about – and there is plenty of room for some self promotion. Make sure that if people love your video, they can easily find you through a link in the video description box. You want to give YouTube all the information about you and what you do because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – after Google and video shows up on page one of Google search results. YouTube video, great for getting seen – YouTube search, great for getting found – so you get seen. Thanks for watching – I hope you start putting YouTube to work for your business today – in the meantime  – let’s keep the momentum going. Next up is a quick video I created about how to use Twitter and Instagram for Business.