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tell-me-more-storyAre You Frustrated with Advertising?
  Sick of spending money – hoping something will work? Hope is not a strategy.

I get it. I’ve been a marketing guy for decades, working with Fortune 500 Companies and creating hundreds of Small Business marketing campaigns – and I know one thing for sure; Things have changed. 

Social Media is Different, Marketing is different from Advertising. Our customers are people and people want stories, not ads. Perfect for Small Business.

Marketing Stories Work – because your prospects are real people, just like us. People want real stories especially stories showing you solving their problems.

“People Don’t Buy Your Stuff – They Buy The Stories About Your Stuff.”

The Most Genius #SMB Marketing Strategy Ever.
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Your Business has a Great Story.  You Can Tell It Well. We Can Help.

Are You Throwing Money
at Online Advertising
and “Hoping” it Works?

There is a Better Way 😉

People Like to do Business with People They Know.  Your Story Let’s Them Know You.

Small Business Marketing Strategies – from the Blog : Soci@l Stories

12 Small Business Marketing Stories You Can Tell – Today

The research is in, the data continues to confirm that people like Marketing Stories, not Ads. Because of this, stories are very effective for small business in particular. Humans are wired for story; it’s how we have communicated since the dawn of civilization....

Business Change? Adapt or Die. Like Solar.

What happens when your customers change, your prospects change and marketing changes? Well, if you stubbornly remain the same and cling to the same old strategies, You Die. Plain and simple. There are entire segments of massive businesses that are going to hell...

3 Marketing Stories Every Small Business Must Tell

As a small business owner, did you know there are 3 critical marketing stories you must be telling to turn your prospects into customers? Marketing stories are so important now, especially for small business, because traditional marketing doesn’t work like it used to...

Kelly-the-Barber; Story Marketing from the Barber Chair

Have you ever gone to have your hair cut and walked away feeling mentally refreshed - and looking good? I have the coolest Barber, she’s like a therapist with scissors; she’s curious about what’s going on, interested in what I’m up to and she’s always got a story to...

PokemonGo; a Breath of Sanity and a Taste of Fish

In the midst of the PokemonGo craze, lets take a moment to discover the true meaning of Poke - the one closest to my heart. Well, closest to my stomach. We talk a lot (on the blog and in our trainings) about small business marketing - and restaurant marketing in...

Snapchat for Business Stories

The first thing we think of when someone says "Snapchat" isn't generally "Business Marketing" - but it should be because it's new, hot and, especially if you're targeting the under 30 crowd, a wide open opportunity for interesting, useful and entertaining business...

Pokemon Go Picks Up Where Foursquare Failed

Location based advertising, aimed at small business, was one of the strategic pillars of Foursquare over a decade ago when the SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) pioneer was growing rapidly with early adopters, Pokemon Go may be an entirely different story. Over a hundred...

Is Your C.O.I. Killing Your Business?

As small business owners, we’ve been hammered to focus on the R.O.I., or Return On Investment, on nearly everything we do. What so often get’s overlooked though is the far more deadly C.O.I, or Cost Of Inaction - what are we missing because we don’t do something? Last...

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