Get Un-Stuck with making videos for social media.

We know it’s an important part of online marketing, we know it’s a great way to reach prospects and connect with customers, but that doesn’t always make it less aggravating.

Have you made some videos using your phone or computer or a camera, but never feel like that are perfect, so it becomes frustrating? Do you keep redoing them, never feeling like they’re good enough so they don’t get posted – all of which sucks

Here’s the secret;

Here’s the secret; they are good enough, because you’re good enough. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be you. That’s the whole point; video lets people get to know you a bit before they buy. There’s no need to be perfect or fake slick, we like people we can relate to, people kinds like us; the people who might stumble over a few words here and there, people who might have a hair out of place or a wrinkle on their shirt – it’s all part of the package.

Let ‘good enough’ be good enough

Let ‘good enough’ be good enough because “done” (and posted) is better than ‘working on it’. Don’t let a small ‘mistake’ be anything but something that makes you human and approachable.

You are good enough, people don’t want a movie star, they are fine with you, being real. Go make a video, share your excitement about the results you create, offer to create some of those results for the viewer and post it to your YouTube, Facebook, website — and then (if you want) you’ll make a different / better one later on. If the choice is a ‘not perfect’ video or none at all, not perfect will generate more interest and more business every single time.

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