Storytelling, as Marketing for Your Business is a great way to connect with prospects and deliver your message. 


Because it helps people get to know you by giving them an immediate and authentic taste of what you do, why you do it, how you do it and what all of that means to them. A good story delivers information in context. Facts and figures don’t sell as much as they confuse. By utilizing the “oldest strategy in the book” you will deliver the logical facts wrapped up in a story that triggers emotion – connecting both ‘sides’ of the brain to make a buying decision. 

People are curious about other people and what they do for a living. That curiosity is often as simple as “I wonder if I want that because my life will be better in some way?” Social media allows us to satisfy that curiosity with easy access to many people doing many things.

Business Storytelling – the stories about you and your business – are the stories that people are always paying attention to on their favorite social platforms.

People aren’t just shopping to fill their time or their pantry – they’re shopping for the items that fill their lives, items that say “This is who I am. This is what I believe in. This is how I live those beliefs.” And they want to shop with business owners whose brand completes their personal message.

Storytelling for business is marketing. It’s the type of marketing that people respond to because it lets them tell their stories, too. It’s time to stop advertising and start sharing.


 Social Storytelling is Easy.

We can show you how it's done or we can do it for you.

Let's give your stories the Soci@l Jumpstart they need!


Need a Hand Getting Started? We’ve Got You Covered

You’re busy running your business, got it. Here’s a solution; let us give your social story a marketing Jumpstart.  You’ll get what you need, from great advice and tips to a complete set up or re-invigoration of your social presence; stories written, videos created, graphics designed and posting handled. Social Storytelling is what we know how to do. We’ll have you up and running quickly – show you the ropes – and inspire you to take over yourself.

The old marketing term is ‘content creation’ – we prefer ‘story development’ because we don’t mass produce blog posts. We specialize in defining your brand. We collaborate with you to create the written and visual content that genuinely connects with your audience. We write the stories about who you are, why you do what you do and how much you love it.

Customers love great business stories and they share their favorites. People don’t want another advertisement – they want information and motivation.  As your customers share your stories with friends across their social networks they all become part of your marketing team. Let’s help them keep the conversation going!


Small business owners have a lot of stories to share, but not a lot of time to write, edit, and post them. That’s where we can help. We believe in crafting quality written content. Your content. We take the time to get to know you, learning  what you do and why you do it. Are you passionate about the unique message of your small business? Good. So are we.


The power of social storytelling lies in the quality of the writing. Do your stories have a beginning, middle, and end? Do they convey a clear message? Are they relevant to your audience? When we work with you, we write what you want to say, not what everyone else is saying. Your stories should be a direct reflection of your business. Let’s get your voice heard.


Small business owners understand the power inherent  in the right visual message harnessed to social channels like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Want to motivate people? Make them laugh? Get involved? We can make that happen. Once your stories are ready, we help them live and breathe on the social channels you love.

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