Your Customers Love a Good Story

People don’t like a sales pitch, we don’t trust advertising, but we do listen to stories and trust our neighbors. Businesses who tell simple  stories, using video and have them shared on social media are doing the kind of marketing that matters to people, to customers.

Video gives you the change to attract prospects and connect with customers, the chance to show your stuff and tell your story. 88% of all online video is watched on mobile, so it’s one on one talking to someone one the little glass device in the palm of their hand. Intimate, trustworthy, authentic, real. You have the chance to be you


Business Storytelling – simple stories about you, your business, the thing you sell, your cool customers. The best stories focus on the results and transformation that your customers get; make it all about them. By sharing these video stories on social media, your customers are vouching for you, letting their friends know “I like this person and what they did for me – you will too”.

Business Stories make great marketing because you put a face on your business before customers even meet you, you make it personal. Video lets you show your thing, show us why it matters, answer FAQs, demo the product, and a well done sales video lets prospects meet your best salesperson, on their best day, giving their best presentation ever

It’s time to stop advertising and start sharing stories, meeting people and growing your business.


Your Customers Love a Good Story