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Video Coaching gives you the edge; on-camera confidence from practice and polish combined with a focused message and call to action is what makes for effective video marketing. Spending time, energy and money on video is a waste of time if the result isn’t great, you don’t enjoy doing it and the response is tepid.

Video Coach Mike Wolpert has a unique skill set that brings out the very best performance from his clients. As a long time advertising sales professional he’s worked with hundreds of business owners to fine tune their selling messages and strategies, as a sales trainer he focused on honing messaging and delivery skills in others. His sales background, a lifelong passion for photography and a decade as a videographer and social media agency owner make him the perfect production partner for experts, executives and professionals.

Professionals, Executives and Experts are perfect spokes people for video marketing because of the Trust You’ve Built ; you’ll find  More Tips on Expert Video Marketing here.  For new videos and the occasionally useful post, see you on Facebook.


Most business people understand the importance of video in both attracting new prospects and communicating with customers.

Most of us have been frustrated with getting it done – and getting it seen. Because it’s a bit outside most people’s skill set or comfort zone, it can feel like banging your head against the wall with few good results.

It doesn’t have to feel like that. We have a solution.

All you need is a little coaching, from a pro. You know your business, you know your story. It’s our job to help you tell it well. We work wit hclients in our private studio in Marin County or virtually via video conference call.

Our Video Clients:

Our clients are generally professionals who are ready to take their marketing up a notch and make great videos. We work with clients once or twice a month for an hour or two in the studio, working on their story.  We can help you with copy and that sounds natural, coaching a presentation that’s engaging and polishing a performance that is satisfying to you and the viewer.

Video Coaching:

Video Coaching gives you a fresh – and very useful – skill set. With the right support, coaching and practice, you’ll create compelling and effective marketing messages because you’ll be a able to organize your thoughts succinctly and deliver the message confidently and casually.

These skills will help you shine throughout your business. Networking is made easy because you have a practiced and easy way of sharing what you do for people. With this you’ll get more customers because you’ll be able to clearly state the customers benefits, letting them know what they get, every time.

You’ll be creating fresh video content in every session – the more practice and coaching you receive, the better you get, the easier it becomes, the more fun you have doing it.

Video Marketing:

The secret sauce in Video Marketing is the Marketing part; doing a great video isn’t very useful unless you get people to see it. Part of the Video Team consulting is creating a marketing plan that works for your video across multiple platforms, getting seen and getting shared – a simple plan with headlines, copy and hashtags that you can implement in a half an hour, not half a day.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter training. This is one-to-one, hands-on work that will give you the clarity and confidence to present yourself and your business on video – and put those videos to work, internally and externally.

Video Team:

Video Team is a custom created balance of coaching, writing and production that is particular to each client because everyone has different goals and strengths – the first step is a discovery call, we’ll talk about where you want to go, where you are, the gap between those tow things and if this is a fit for you (and us).

Book a discovery call (to talk about you, not to hear a canned pitch) and let’s start exploring!