Create a simple video marketing strategy

If you’re aware that you need more video marketing to grow your business and increase existing customer relationships but struggle a bit to get it done -or get even get started, then creating a video marketing strategy first will be a huge benefit to you. 

Like a mapping out a road trip in advance, a strategy helps you determine where you want to wind up; at the end of the day, where do you want to be, what do you want to happen?

Video Strategy Becomes an Action Plan

Having a simple video marketing strategy gives you the clarity to see ahead; a good strategy becomes a plan – and often provides the motivation to put that plan into action, so you can enjoy the accomplishments.

It’s simple to start off – grab a sheet of paper write down a few goals; who is your audience? What do you want them to do?

This gives you focus; do you want to gain awareness for new prospects? Do you want to show your authority in your field or industry? Do you want to increase existing customer business or generate new sales? Maybe a combination? 

What will your video marketing accomplish?

Once you know who you want to reaching what you want them to do (anything from know who you are, to know how to buy) think about where they are.

They’re watching video, yes absolutely, so where are they watching it? YouTube and Facebook? TikTok and Twitter? Instagram and LinkedIn? Pinterest? Medium?

Make sure that you’re set up on those platforms – you’re fishing for business, go where the fish are.

Now all you do is consider them; what questions might they have? What problems do they need solved? What do they need to know about you and the thing you do or things you sell to make a solid buying decision?

This is the simple video marketing strategy; Make videos about that.

Business Marketing Videos

They might be How-to or Demo, maybe answer FAQ’s and help folks understand how things work, shine the light on their problem or pain point, let them know there is a solution and share proof that yours is the best. Maybe you should do a straight sales pitch or a broad based branding, perhaps you should show off your staff, or show off your customers with video testimonials, maybe look at the camera and tell your story, getting personal about why you do this thing and what it means to you, to help and serve them.

This simple exercise will give you a simple video marketing strategy – and will help inform every bit of marketing you do. 

Once you’ve got this squared away, you get to decide what to film and how, then where to post and when to get the best exposure and most profitable results — the two topics we’ll cover in the next videos in this series.