Expert Video Marketing Tips

These Video Marketing Tips give you a simple marketing strategy; Be the Expert; answer FAQ’s, share some tips. People are online, looking for answers to their questions. Make a video that answers those questions — you’ll get found, get noticed and establish yourself as a helpful expert to people who may need one. Think of the questions you hear most often, type them into a google search bar to see the exact phrases most people using in their search, use that as your headline and go to town on the answer – and tell them what to do next; watch another video, connect on social. You can answer those FAQs as ‘Expert Tips’ with expert video marketing; “Here’s how to do___” — again, taking your cue from the search results.

The key here is to be flexible; take your idea, your solution, and pair it with the language that people are using to search for that information. It can be a simple adjustment in your headline that helps people find you faster and connect with you quicker once they discover you know what they need to know and (as an expert) you speak their language.

Expert Video Marketing allows you to show off what you know without showing off. With a focus on video marketing tips, you’ll discover how easy ‘content creation’ can be, because those ‘expert tips’? You know them already!

Just smile at the camera, think of one person watching, talk to them, help them – it’ll feel easy for you and be relatable for them. We all like to do business with an expert, especially a helpful local expert, right here in our town. 

Quite often the expert we feature in these videos is the CEO or Founder, if that’s something you’re considering, consider these CEO video marketing strategies to give you a jumpstart. Another simple idea and great video strategy is a website welcome video

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