Here’s a 60 second Video Marketing Tip to give your 2022 a little jumpstart; Be the Expert; answer FAQ’s, share some tips. People are online, looking for answers to their questions. Make a video that answers those questions — you’ll get found, get noticed and establish yourself as a helpful expert to people who may need one. Think of the questions you hear most often, type them into a google search bar to see the exact phrases most people using in their search, use that as your headline and go to town on the answer – and tell them what to do next; watch another video, connect on social. You can answer those FAQs as ‘Expert Tips’ videos “Here’s how to do___” — again, taking your cue from the search results. Just smile at the camera, think of one person watching, talk to them, help them – it’ll feel easy for you and be relatable for them. We all like to do business with an expert, especially a helpful local expert, right here in our town. In business, this is the year for video – your year. Want some support? Learn about our upcoming 21 day Video Marketing Jumpstart at