As a CEO or business owner who hasn’t quite embraced video as a communication tool yet – Here’s a Video Tip to give you a little jumpstart with CEO Video Marketing Strategies;

For years I’ve worked 1on1 with Top Executives – from tech startups to Fortune 500 – on how to effectively use video as they scale and grow.

I found hesitancies are usually around “what do I talk about?” and “Who am I talking to?” 

Talking about is easy: the product, the people, the culture, the community, the customer experience – and the transformation.

Talking to whom? The press, the investors, the customers, the prospects, your employees, new hires – and the sales team. Video created along the lines of the “CEO Speaks” take your leadership skills to scale, puts a face on the company and gives your team even more to rally around and be proud of. 

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