Here’s a 60 second Video Marketing Tip to give your 2022 a little jumpstart;

Share Customer Success Stories. Customer video testimonials and success stories are so important because nothing speaks louder about you than the words of others. 

With a favorite regular customer or great client do an easy interview;  “Hello I’m ___ what I like most is this___ and this___.”  Like a yelp review on video, nothing complicated. Alternatively, you can tell us a customer success story;  “our client had this problem___, we offered this solution___, this is the happy outcome___”.  When people can see themselves in the story, you’re solving their problem as well – it’s personal, believable and compelling.

These are easy to do and very compelling to your prospects – and you probably have a dozen good stories to tell – a dozen good videos. Post them on YouTube, your Google Business page, put them on your website, share them on LinkedIn, Facebook – always thanking and tagging your guest. A little flattery and gratitude can be a very good thing.

In business, this is the year for video – your year. Want some support? Learn about our upcoming 21 day Video Marketing Jumpstart at Social