Here is a Video Marketing Tech Tip;

The two best tools for easy video making. If you’re starting out in your video marketing journey – or restarting it because there’s never been a better time than right now, and you feel a little overwhelmed with Gear – I’m going to share two simple, fairly inexpensive tools that you must have – in this 60 second video marketing tip, designed to give you a little ‘jumpstart’ into easy video marketing.

First – if what you have right now is just the video camera built into your computer, that’s fine; you can record using QuickTime and make a perfectly serviceable video.

But! Why not take it up a notch and get a little professional polish with better sound and a better, smoother picture? Use your phone to record the video, use a selfie stick gimbal as a tripod or to walk and talk and plug in this little lapel mic. Start with sound; if your video picture isn’t 100%, viewers might blame their internet connection – but if the sound sucks, they just click off and they’re gone. I’ve used this for years; the RODE SMART LAV+ it’s designed specifically for smartphones and costs just 60 bucks from B&H Photo. Make sure you get the plug, or adaptor that matches your phone – The goal is to get that mic as close to your mouth as possible, by your collarbone rather than mid chest.

You need to set up the phone/camera at the right height on your desk – eye level, not down at the laptop or up at the top of your desk top – I love this smartphone gimbal, tripod, selfie stick from DJI called the DJI OM5, it has attachable legs, the selfie stick expands to the right height – or distance because it’s a gimbal designed to balance the camera and smooth out the image if you want to walk and talk – or give a little tour of your place. It’s useful, easy and about 150 bucks from B&H – and other places, I say B&H because I’m a longtime happy customer, been buying camera gear there for more decades than I care to admit. Two little things make a big difference – there are many similar options, so get what’s best for you, but get something good – there are $20 lapel mics on amazon, that sound … meh.

The even better news here is that you can make a simple, effective, timely video – and then instantly upload it to social media, practically real time with these two best tools for easy video making. Remember; people are interested in REAL and RELEVANT, doesn’t have to be fancy. More video tips and other ideas; .