Some folks are busy making videos for the internet in the hopes of becoming the next viral star or YouTube or tiktoker and then getting heaps of money piled on them for reasons seemingly unknown. This is possible! So is winning the lottery. The rest of us see video as a way to communicate with our customers and reach out to new prospects. We see the importance of having videos represent us online; represent our business, highlight our expertise, demonstrate how we work, show proof of our claims and share the experiences of our happy customers. We need to be there to be seen because we can’t answer the phone 24 hours a day, we are not making 20 cold calls a day to ‘drum up business’ and we cringe at the thought of sending an “email blast” – who wants to get ‘blasted’? I’ve found that the biggest blocking item for most folks in the world of video marketing is “WHAT – am I going to make a video about” There are many answers, here’s one of my favorites – because most of my video clients are like you – Experts; coaches, consultants, doctors, lawyers, therapists, counselors, contractors – they tend to be focused on their clients and driven by a passion for their work and a love of the results and benefits they create for their clients. For you, the answer to “a video about WHAT” is easy; What do you love about your work? That’s your opening line; smile and say “What I love about my work is (this)” then tell us that story; you love that part of your work for a reason. Maybe it’s because of the results your clients get, dangers avoided, successes achieved – tell us that story, or one of those stories, there may be many. When you frame what you ‘do’ as results you create for customers, it carries more meaning, more impact because it’s more relatable. When you share it as a story, your genuineness comes through, it’s likely we’ll be able to see your excitement and pride in work. These are all signals we look for – both consciously and less than consciously as we build the trust we need to do business with someone like you. The goal is to connect with viewers, be useful in some way, be available when people go online to check you out and to be you. The framework of “What I love about my work … ” provides you with endless opportunities to share what matters, provides endless inspiration for viewers who may be inspired to hire you, and makes the ‘making of a video’ pretty easy and definitely satisfying. Think it over, come up with a few ideas, then press record, tell us what you love, tell us a story about it and tell us how to get a hold of you, just in case we want some of your awesomeness in our lives in some way – you know, by becoming a paying client. Go have some fun, share the love and I’ll see you in the next video