There are three things that you should never do when it comes to video marketing – and one thing you should always do.
I’ll share all 4 in this 60 second video marketing tip, so you can give your 2022 video marketing marketing a little jumpstart.
First, never be a jerk. Sounds simple, but I’ve seen people attempting to be funny and controversial – and they just come off arrogant – it falls flat or starts a fire. There’s no need for that.
Also – don’t exaggerate or make outlandish promises that you can’t deliver on, the try the old bait and switch – it’s like a car dealer offering a super deal on a popular model, but only one at that price, so they lure you in and upsell you to something else. You’ll never build trust that way.
And – when it comes to posting, don’t try a clickbait headline and then stuff a bunch of ‘hot’ keywords in an attempt to get more views – it doesn’t work, disappointing people is senseless and you’re never going to outsmart the algorithms. 
But – do do this! Be you, do you. Give value to your viewer; be funny, teach something useful, give information, answer questions and try to inspire. Be real, be authentic. You do you.
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