Here’s a 60 second Video Marketing Tip to give your 2022 a little jumpstart;

Create a simple “Selling Introduction” video for Social Media – it’s important because it lets people know what you do — can do for them — and the results they’ll get when they buy what you sell. 

Start with this simple formula; 

“Hi, I’m __ with __. We do this sort of thing __, for these sorts of people __, so they get these great results __, and feel like this __. If you’d like some of these great results, let me know!” always a Call To Action of some sort. 

You can switch it up to fit your style, but those are the basics. You can use this simple video as your LinkedIn profile, post it on your website, YouTube, Facebook, local chamber of commerce page and your Google Business page. Just upload the video file directly to each social site with a matching headline, description, link to your website – and you’re done. First one is always the toughest – second one is sometimes fun! 

In business, this is the year for video – your year. Want some support? Learn about our upcoming 21 day Video Marketing Jumpstart at