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From the Blog : Soci@l Stories

The Self-Care Story: Ruben J Rocha – More than Massage

The story you tell about your business should often include big chunks of you (why you do this) and them (what your customers get from what you do) it’s your passion path combined with the customer benefit story. Often when we are talking about ourselves and our...

A “Business” Story: Art from the Heart

Telling your business story will take many forms, you’ll tell it from different angles to illustrate different points.It can be as easy as pointing a camera at a person (or have them point one at you) and ask the question “Why?” - and then listen. I recently did this...

15 Ways to Cut Through Inbox Noise (and Get Your Emails Opened)

While email may be a fantastic alternative for snail mail, it can leave your inbox cluttered and full. From junk mail to foreign money scams, email boxes tend to be a catch-all – and are treated as such. However, Salesforce has created an infographic entitled “15 Ways...


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