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You gave a great “jumpstart” for our team – we have quickly grown our social media impact and everybody is up to speed on marketing – Job Well Done! Steve Reynolds

CEO, Sustainability Institute

As You Tell Your Business Story, Your Customers Begin to Tell Their Friends, the Story Grows and Your Circle Grows. Clearly, You Can Do This.

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BLOG : Soci@l Stories

Success and Struggle: The Real SMB Story

Newsflash: You are a mentor. You aren’t just a small business owner, you’re a mentor. People admire your courage, your drive, your passion and freedom. As a mentor and leader there’s something important you want to share in your storytelling. When your customers ask...

Say Hello to Ello and Hello to Hype

What has captured more tech press in the last 48 hours and gone from an obscure project out of a small Boulder Colorado design shop and a Vermont bike manufacturer to growing by more than 50,000 new users an hour? Say hello to Ello. Ello is an “ad free” social network...

Social Storytelling … from Memory

It may seem that our transaction with the customer ends with the final sale, but in some ways it’s just the beginning.  But their experience with a purchase can be just the start of something more important to them. When a customer gets your product home they fit it...


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