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You gave a great “jumpstart” for our team – we have quickly grown our social media impact and everybody is up to speed on marketing – Job Well Done! Steve Reynolds

CEO, Sustainability Institute

As You Tell Your Business Story, Your Customers Begin to Tell Their Friends, the Story Grows and Your Circle Grows. Clearly, You Can Do This.

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BLOG : Soci@l Stories

The Social Sales Funnel

Guest Post by Nick Rojas, a business consultant and journalist from Los Angeles. Follow him on Twitter @NickARojas. It’s well understood by now that the entire process of sales has been completely revolutionized by social media. Before, access to consumers was limited...

Marketing is Emotion. Emotional Stories.

This TD Waterhouse commercial is a powerful example of story telling as marketing. It picks you up and carries you along. Give it a watch, you might get that teary thing going in your eye. Doesn’t this make a bigger and better impact than some advertisement...


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