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People don’t buy the Stuff, they buy the Stories about the Stuff.   Let’s Tell Better Stories.

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What Drives YOU in Your Business?   That is a Great Story.   Tell Your Customers .

Turning Social Into Sales is Simple; Share the Stories of Your Business and Leverage Social Media to Have Them Shared

People Like Doing Business with People They Know.   Let Them Know You.

From the Blog : Soci@l Stories

Periscope for Business: Four Fab Ideas (infographic)

Periscope is a live streaming video app from Twitter – people can watch from mobile or laptop and its power lies in its interactive “real-time” action. In it’s first ten days it gained a million users. That’s a lot of social engagement....

The Self-Care Story: Ruben J Rocha – More than Massage

The story you tell about your business should often include big chunks of you (why you do this) and them (what your customers get from what you do) it’s your passion path combined with the customer benefit story. Often when we are talking about ourselves and our...



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