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Business StorytellingFrustrated with Online Marketing?  Throwing money at social media and just “Hoping” something happens? Are you just a little aggravated because it doesn’t seem to be working, but you gotta do something and you’re not sure what?

I get it. We struggled through the exact same thing when we first started out; spending thousands trying to get the ads to consistently pay off – and then I realized THAT was the problem. Ads.

Social Media isn’t Advertising, it’s connecting. Our customers wanted stories, not ads. We communicate differently than we did 10 years ago and that means we want businesses to talk to us differently.

People don’t respond to ads the way they once did and I realized the best way to connect with customers now, is through storytelling; genuine stories told as marketing and spread from person to person through social media. Sharing my stories lets people in. They get to know us, like us and trust us to make an impact on their business.

Storytelling as Marketing Works – because customers are real people, just like us. People want real stories about who you are, what you’re passionate about, why you do what you do and – most importantly – how that will solve their problems.

People Don’t Buy Your Stuff – They Buy The Stories About Your Stuff.  Tell Great Stories, as Marketing.

People Buy Your Business Stories
Not Your Ads
Let Me Show You How!

What’s Your Business Passion?   That is a Great Story.   Tell Your Customers .

Stop Throwing Money
at Online Advertising
and “Hoping” it Works.

Your Customers Will Share
Your Business Story
With Their Friends Online.

People Like Doing Business with People They Know.  Tell Your Story.  Let Them Know You.

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