Here’s a simple tip, a video marketing strategy – or format – to keep in mind when you’re pondering what to video next – The concept is AIDA – some say AID-A, thanks to the Opera, I’ve gotta go with AIDA. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Decision, Action and the strategy is straight forward for a video; grab their Attention, get their Interest high enough to compel a Decision and make an offer or CTA to trigger an Action, a specific action. The first step, Attention, comes from their first look; they’ll see your thumbnail with a bold statement and strong graphic, photo and headline. You get their interest with that compelling headline and then getting to the point quickly, right up front in the copy; highlight the problem, show the pain, reveal the solution, all gains interest. Now you provide enough information, emotional compelling words (because we are emotional creatures) backed up with enough facts and logic so we can make a ‘safe’ decision – we make decisions based on emotion and then seek the facts we need to justify that decision and then you want to close the loop and trigger an action. Maybe it’s a hard offer, an irresistible ‘buy now’ that makes them click and grab their credit card. Maybe it’s more of a directive; a call to action softer close like ‘subscribe’ to the channel or newsletter, go to my website for more info, call for a consultation or quote – something. People who have watched your video to the end have shown an interest; they deserve more if they want it, so give it to them. Action doesn’t mean “see / sell / sell” – but you should always make it possible to buy, easily, for those who are ready – and there’s something to do, for the others. AIDA – grab their attention, gain their interest, compelling a decision and trigger an action. It’s a concept, a format, to keep in mind as you plan your next marketing video – or marketing videos. It’s not one-size-fits-all and it doesn’t have to be rigid; just something to keep in mind, a little track to run on, to make it easier to make marketing videos that sell. If you’d like a little support with your marketing efforts, we offer a 21 Day Video Marketing Jumpstart – see Social Jumpstart .com /JOIN – before you go, please hit the like button if this was useful, and the subscribe button if you’d like to see more and I’ll see you next time