The Rose Parade, dozens of football games and more hangovers than usual – every New Year starts out with these staples and traditions including, of course, the New Year’s Resolutions list.New Year resolutions in 2013

There are no shortage of resolutions lists out there for the small business owner. Keeping to our mission here at Social Jumpstart – to make things easier and faster for you to succeed  -we’ve scoured about a hundred various articles, lists and blogs to come up with the very best of small business resolutions for you in one spot. Right here on the Social Jumpstart Blog, so let’s get started:

1) The credit card and bank comparison folks at Nerd Wallet interviewed business owners to compile a real world list of 19 SMB resolutions – all of which are both authentic and good. If you look at no other list – check this one out. Our favorite on the list (#15) was from An Elegant Affair Catering which probably will come as no surprise: “Use Social Media” and grow your business!

2) All 5 of the resolutions on the Propel Marketing list make great sense. We’ve talked about the importance of checking your business listing on Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp and others and that is #1 on their list. Good call!  In addition – going mobile and protecting your online reputation are also included. If you only ready 2 of these lists – make this one of them.

3) Small Business Bonfire had a succinct list and #3 was use social networks more effectively. We could not agree more.

4) Sonja Jobson’s list includes these 2 gems – Build your online community and connect with influential peers. Many SMB owners have yet to take their off line fans online and connecting with peers and competitors may not seem natural. Both are beneficial.

5) We liked the “savvy” list from Pici & Pici Inc. particularly #2 which was get up to speed on technology including using social media. But all of their tips make sense.

Now that we have the best of the best listed for you to consider how do you make them happen? We’ll wrap up our first post of 2013 with advice from Susan Solovic on making resolutions stick – her key point: be specific with your resolutions.

In that spirit – we resolve to expand our offerings in 2013, and cover the top 5 social media channels with our Jumpstart Training.  We will continue to help small business owners harness the power of social to reach and exceed their own goals.

Thank you for reading and here’s to a Happy & Prosperous New Year!


image credit: med city news