Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 12.12.15 PMIn the midst of the PokemonGo craze, lets take a moment to discover the true meaning of Poke – the one closest to my heart. Well, closest to my stomach. We talk a lot (on the blog and in our trainings) about small business marketing – and restaurant marketing in particular, this is a good story to tell. Here’s a quick interview with one of my favorite restaurant guys; Tom Hanson of Pacific Catch. Sunday July 24 is their “I Love Poke Festival” – and it has nothing to do with the game 😉

It’s my mildly successful attempt at humor, but the Festival is real.
One can only imagine what sort of PokemonGo activities might coincidentally pop up, but this is all about the eating.
9th Ave by the Park in San Francisco – Sunday 7/24 more here:
Full Disclosure – they are selling fish, I’m not 🙂 As a big fan of PacCatch, I share this as an un-compensated endorsement

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