13690779_1229732367079343_779636679656509158_nLocation based advertising, aimed at small business, was one of the strategic pillars of Foursquare over a decade ago when the SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile) pioneer was growing rapidly with early adopters, Pokemon Go may be an entirely different story.

Over a hundred million in funding and some 10 years later – while things sometimes got “close” it never really worked for the company. The mass adoption of Facebook, Instagram or even very large scale of Twitter alluded Foursquare. And as the early tech adopters moved on it slowly faded away to a fraction of its former self – still around and kicking but a marginal player just like Second Life (remember that one? No? It’s ok)

Can Pokemon Go do what Foursquare and may others could not, use gamification to drive local business revenues and results?13686623_1229732543745992_8868169918467036986_n

Maybe, but it is too early to tell.

One advantage that Pokemon Go has is the unprecedented explosive growth that has blown the old adopter bell curve to shreds. The Early Adopter phase lasted about an hour as within days it seemed like almost everyone was paying certainly everyone had heard of it.

If this keeps up – this is a real deal opportunity for small business and you can rest assured that just like Facebook Messenger we’ll be analyzing and helping small business owners understand and take advantage of whatever digital or social tool will help them be more successful

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