cost of inaction COIAs small business owners, we’ve been hammered to focus on the R.O.I., or Return On Investment, on nearly everything we do. What so often get’s overlooked though is the far more deadly C.O.I, or Cost Of Inaction – what are we missing because we don’t do something?

Last night I spent several very illuminating hours with Alex Mandossian, Ted Prodromou and a small band of marketers here in Marin County, California. The discussion was wide ranging, from customer acquisition to customer care, and what really struck me was the realization that the single most damaging thing I have going on in my business is not paying attention to the Cost Of Inaction.

What are you missing through hesitation? What are we letting pass us by because we want to think it over or we think we’ll get “around to it”? Does that hesitation leading to inaction lead us to second guess ourselves? What unnoticed impact is this having on our businesses?

Today, let’s ask ourselves “What action can I take to take my life to the next level? What have I been putting off, what unexpected thing will make a difference?”

This all ties back in to the power of story; what stories do we tell ourselves? Are we aware of them? Are they holding us back? What stories can we tell ourselves to supr more action, to free ourselves from the C.O.I of doing the same thing?

Sometimes the best Story Marketing we can do starts right in our own heads.

Today will be different for me – I hope it will be for you as well.

Feel free to share this with anyone you know who may benefit from a little action.

Let’s go have some fun and make some money!

-Mike Wolpert-

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