5 Cool Things You Can Do On YouTube

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so having video will help people find you. That said, it’s also fun and informative – do you think someone is more likely to read a finely crafted one page summary about your business or watch a two minute video? If you wait until the time or idea is perfect and right to embrace short form video, you might get stuck in ready / aim, ready / aim mode and that’s kind of non-productive.

Jump in – don’t worry about getting it perfect, just get it pretty darn good.

Here’s a couple of idea starters:

ONE : “Instant Interview”

Think up three easy questions and go interview your receptionist, your CEO, your star sales person – anyone with a smile and a spark of personality. Don’t be afraid to ‘walk and talk’, movement is good! Use some basic video editing program (iMovie for Mac, Pinnacle for PC) to add an opening slide and closing credit and upload it to YouTube and post it on your blog.

TWO : “Video Tour”

People love a behind the scenes look at how you do what you do – give it to them. Have your most fun, enthusiastic or outgoing employee give a tour of the office, warehouse, factory – whatever. Don’t have the boss do it (unless she’s really into it) and don’t try to create a commercial, have fun and give a little tour.

THREE : “Customer Love”

Record a customer testimonial, if someone has something nice to say – let them say it! Nothing has more value than a real customer explaining to a potential customer why you are great to do business with. Do it at their place, your place – where ever it’s most comfortable for them and where ever it’s going to get actually done (talking about it does not, in itself, get it made).

FOUR : “Product Demos”

Do you sell a product that does something visual? Have one of your folks show viewers how to use it – starting with opening the box! Show the car – moving, show the tires being put on the car, show people in your restaurant enjoying themselves (stick to the people – beautiful food photography is an art and a skill) – there are probably a dozen ways to show off how it works.

FIVE : “Sales Presentations”

Record your best sales person giving a sales presentation  – this should be a little bit of everything; who you are, what you do, why they should buy what you do – you know, a sales presentation. Good for reaching possible customers you may not be able to reach otherwise, good for the sales person’s ego and good for the other sales people (if she is the best presenter, they could learn a thing or two. Usually your best presenter and your best closer are the same person, if not, go with the best presenter (and watch some sales training videos … on YouTube).

Go do something and get it up. You’ll find that the drive and energy to make your second video better and the third video even better is more powerful and productive than just waiting to get around to making the first.