Here are three easy ways you can use simple marketing videos, posted online, to make money. As we figure out doing business in the post-covid world, we need to attract prospects and communicate with customers differently – however;  – good news for small business owners and professional practitioners who are experts at what they do; you’ve got a big advantage in the marketing department – IF you leverage it.

By becoming known as the “Local Expert”, you become the likely person to do business with, this is just human nature.

The best way to demonstrate your expertise is one on one … the second best – and far more scalable, is video.

Let me give you three simple video ideas – that will help you establish yourself as the go-to expert provider in town, simple story based marketing videos that will turn your knowledge and experience into a video marketing machine that can bring you a steady stream of referrals, prospects and customers for months and months, even years – and I’ll give you a simple formula for those videos, a template, to make ‘getting them done’, doable.

FIRST – Answer Questions. Easy. What do you get asked most often? Answer those. Make a simple video, post it on youtube and facebook, putting the question in the headline – when people people go looking for the answer, let them find you. By answering FAQs you give something valuable (help, a solution, satisfaction), prove your expertise, establish trust and share what you do in a useful way.

Even if I don’t have the same exact question, I get that you solve problems.

SECOND: Tell us about your customers. Don’t tell us what you can do, tell me what you did do for someone like me, so I can relate. Tell the story of their success; “Mary came in with this problem, we created this solution and now her life was better in these specific ways”. As as I hear about your customers, I can imagine stepping into their shoes and experience those same results.

Because you’re telling a real story about real people, it’s completely credible.

THIRD: Tell us your story; tell us what you believe, what you stand for, why you do this thing you do. When you tell us the backstory, give us the inside scoop, we start an actual connection which makes buying a whole lot easier.

Video marketing isn’t complicated – just follow this video sales formula;

tell a story

give some data

give a call to action

Video marketing isn’t expensive – start with the movie camera in your pocket.

Answer a few questions, give a couple of examples or tips, talk about a customer having a good time – and post it; Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, website – somewhere/everywhere – I cover posting best practices in depth, in another video – pick an idea and get started using the sales video formula; Tell a little story, give a little data, and don’t forget the end; always end with a call to action. It doesn’t have to be “Buy Now” (probably shouldn’t be) but you should always ask for some sort of action; watch the next video, go here for more info, join our group on Facebook or – “Do you have that problem? Would you like it solved? Give us a call!” Do that enough times and you’ll have more customers walking in the door or inviting you through theirs.

So, here’s my Expert advice to you;

Just get started – get an idea, grab your phone, go to town.

If you’d like a little more; grab a copy of my new book: Video StorySelling – the how-to marketing guide for small business. If you’d like some hands on help; Video coaching, inspiration, development, production – these are the things we do best – get in touch :

thanks for watching – until next time … keep telling stories, keep making money