Everybody loves to feel appreciated, we all like to be acknowledged and Valentines Day is the perfect time to check in with our customers and spread a little love.

You’ll stand out in the usual sea of crass commercialism by just doing something nice. You’re also likely the one of the few (if not only) businesses they hear from for this holiday.

Here are a few simple ways to make it all about them;

Send a Love Note –

Go old school here if you can, mail something hand addressed with a stamp and everything – could be a Hallmark card (you’ve got to hit the right note though, it’s not a ‘dear sweetie’ card) or you might have a nice custom card printed (perfect job for a local printer!) or you can just send a simple thank you note. Take a few seconds to jot a note and hand sign it – that goes a long way. If that doesn’t work out, send an email – simple subject line, simple message.

Sing a Little Love Song –

Perhaps this is metaphorical (unless you can sing) for doing something cool to make a connection; how about a simple video from your phone, a ‘thank you’ from behind the scenes, emailed to a dozen of your best customers – or an audio recording sent the same way, just a quick “Hello, thank you, happy valentines day, we love having you as a customer” – not even :10 seconds, you can sit at your desk and knock ‘em out one after another and send them off.

Have a Group Hug –

This could be a low stress Customer Appreciation party – hand out cupcakes or candy hearts all day. If you have an engaged online audience, throw a customer appreciation party online; maybe a Facebook Live tour of your place with all of your employees saying ‘hello and thank you!’ If the live video feels like a bit much, what else can you do on social that’s different from your every day? A group photo of you all holding up hearts and a sign saying Thank You can go a long way, because it’s something.

Many ways for expressing gratitude present themselves if you’re watching for them. Valentines Day it’s possible to express it in a way that suits your style; a little campy and funny or a little sappy and sweet – either way, it’s a win for everyone; you do good and feel good, they feel good and that’s good. All good, see?


Thank you for being part of our world of business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing folks. I appreciate you, our whole team thanks you and we all look forward to a prosperous year!   – Mike Wolpert

P.S. –

One last thing; this is about appreciation, not making an offer. This is about business, sure, but more marketing than sales. Marketing brings people into your world and leads them to your sales process, let this be that, make your offer next time. (Yes, there are exceptions, but this doesn’t have to be about selling something this minute).

  Happy Valentines Day 🙂