Here’s a quick Video Marketing Tip to give your 2022 a little jumpstart;

Don’t make “video marketing” one of your New Years Resolutions. If you’re like most of us, ‘resolutions’ are an annual list of stuff we ‘oughta’ do – but seldom do.

Instead, do something far more powerful; make a Declaration. Take your marketing to a new level this year with simple, authentic video, as marketing and communication.

This year 85% of all web traffic will be people watching video. Nobody is reading blog posts. Your prospects are watching video as they make buying decisions, your happy customers will easily share video with their friends on social media — don’t miss out because you’re “gonna get around to it”.

You’ve got plenty to say, take the camera out of your pocket and press record; smile, say it, share it. (here are a few other ideas for making a simple marketing video ) Like everything in life, it might feel awkward at first, so what? You’ll get better over time – while your competition is sitting on the sidelines, you’ll begin to shine online. Simple stuff; say hello, show off your place, show off your staff, give a tip, tell a story … then just post it. Simple. In business, this is the year for video – your year. Want some support? Learn about our upcoming 21 day Video Marketing Jumpstart at 

Video Marketing Tips