social jumpstart seasonal storytelling infographicWelcome to spring! Now is the perfect time to kickstart your seasonal storytelling with fresh new phrases and words that trigger all five senses for your readers.

Who doesn’t enjoy reading a story about a bakery when the aroma of the warm, yeasty loaves lifts off the page? And who doesn’t suddenly have the urge to go shopping when you talk about the new crisp white shirting and fresh floral dresses you just got in stock? Garden centers can get down and dirty talking about fragrant cedar chip mulching and tilling rich, loamy soil. Tax preparers still have time talk about about finalizing your returns as a good spring cleaning of the books – getting ready for a fresh start. Just because you are a small business owner doesn’t mean you can’t write stories filled with delight and a dash of creativity.

This is the perfect time to start putting up new Pins on Pinterest, curating new images for Instagram and all of your blog posts – this adds vitality to your social media presence and gets readers to perk up and pay attention: “Oh, look. They’re doing something new”. Write stories about new customers, talk about updates and changes your business is offering as the season switches gears. And don’t forget the holidays you can tell great stories around, Easter and Mother’s Day being the most prominent. There is a wealth of new material for you to pull from – the start of a new season is always an exciting time to be telling business stories!

You may not have a business that smells or tastes good – but that doesn’t mean you cannot use descriptive words that match the energy and growth of the new season – and that give customers a true sense of your business personality. This is the perfect time to have some fun with storytelling – add a splash, a dollop, a pinch or two of spring pep to your sentences. The weather is delightful – take your customers on the adventure with you as your business shakes off the long chill of winter and opens the doors to a whole new crop of stories.

Seasonal Storytelling