Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.29.15 PMA lot of new things are happening in the world of Facebook lately. Facebook Live and Facebook Messenger are steadily rolling out new ways to connect, create, and share content – and that means you, the small business owner, now have more unique opportunities to share your stories with your followers and their friends.

Facebook Live opens up all sorts of real-time possibilities. Start thinking of new ways that you get to tell stories – live interviews with customers, live in-store events and for those of you who teach How-To courses – you can take your webinars to the next level – live broadcasts where you get to be more interactive with your audience.

Facebook Messenger is making it simpler for your customers to connect directly with your business as they roll out Business Page Usernames, Messenger Greetings, Messenger Links and Messenger Codes. All of these new functions are going to let customers find you faster and get in touch more quickly. Are you ready?

This is the future of social – real social – real-time communication. Things are moving pretty quickly – so you will want to start exploring the new functionality that both Facebook Messenger and Facebook Live can offer. Your customers WILL be using them (over 900 million users are on Facebook Messenger each month) – you want your business stories to be accessible where your audience lives and breathes.

This is no time to be hesitant. Start exploring the different ways you can use these tools to expand your Facebook presence, grow your audience and get your stories seen and shared more often. You’re in business to live your dream, to make a great living and to thrive. Social gets you seen. Being seen gets you recognized and being recognized builds trust. And trust keeps customers coming back to you.

Interacting with customers online in real-time is happening now – so take some time to learn more about Facebook Messenger and Facebook Live and just have some fun exploring the possibilities that they offer for your business storytelling.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger