Every :60 in Social Media, Millions of People Connect – this graphic shows the where and how:

Every minute in social media millions of interactions take place – they happen on Pinterest, Foursquare, Flickr, Tagged, LinkedIn,StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.


Social media interactions grow exponentially by the day online – for small business marketing, you should consider not the volume of interactions (these serve to show us that the world – and our customers – are moving online) but the quality as well.

The quality of your message equals the quality of your connection with prospects and customers. We may live in a seemingly 140 character world where news and updates flow through our news feeds and our email inboxes are bulging with stuff that needs attention (or at least wants attentions) but what remains unchanged is the basic sort of communication that we all crave; a good story, well told.

As a small business owner and entrepreneur think about your story – what drives you to do what you do? People like whay you sell, but they love why you sell it. The story about you and your passions and your customers delight with doing business with you are all stories and they can be told in many different ways; on your blog and on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and on and on.

The connections are being made – make sure yours are worthy of attention.

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