For any business owner, Pinterest is about sharing original, brand-focused storytelling content to drive sales. But you’re convinced that your hectic schedule just doesn’t give you enough time to create original content.  Why not take a moment and check out the following five ideas? You might already have some of these items posted on your website or YouTube pages, which means that you don’t need to create all of your content from scratch.

Checklists – People are using Pinterest as a source of inspiration and information. A fun checklist can provide both. Develop a checklist around common questions your customers ask such as “What healthy foods should I stock in my pantry?” If you’re a dietician, personal trainer or chef, you probably already have shopping checklists for your clients. Freshen up an existing checklist with any new products or tasks your customers would find useful and Pin it to your Pinterest Page.

Pinterest checklist

Teaser Text – Do you have a blog post, recipe or new product already available on your website? Create an easy Pin for your Pinterest Page by placing teaser text on a related image and adding your URL or logo at the bottom. This will pique interest while driving people directly to your site. One site that offers a free, basic package for adding text to visuals is

Pinterest teaser text

Infographics – A colorful infographic is not only a great way to provide unique information about your industry, but is a highly shareable marketing tool. If you want to design a new infographic you can use the free templates at or create one via PowerPoint. But if you already have available, up-to-date infographics, get busy Pinning.

Pinterest infographic

Tutorials – A successful tutorial Pin is highly visual with short, easy instructions. On Pinterest you can find any number of DIY tutorial Pins that range from home repair and makeup application to music lessons and life coaching techniques. Using tutorials to show your industry expertise helps foster trust in you and your brand. If you want to create a video tutorial you might consider Screenflow for Mac or Camtasia for PC. But if you already have good tutorials on your website, edit them for possible updates and then Pin away.

Pinterest tutorial

Videos – If you have the Pin It button installed on your browser you can Pin your videos (or anyone else’s videos) from YouTube and Vimeo onto your Pinterest boards. This is a great way to get additional exposure for any videos of your training, advertising, interviews, and more. It also allows you to curate other video content related to your industry for your customers to enjoy.

Pinterest video

Sure, successful social marketing requires time and effort. But who says you can’t break your Pinterest branding efforts into doable bites? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel if the car is already in motion. Take stock of the original content you already have in your marketing arsenal and think how you can recycle it to create shareable Pins with information your customers will find both engaging and relevant.