Video Marketing Matters; Experts, Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants.
You’re talking about your business to people, prospects! who might become customers.
This is more than business – it’s personal. You’re a person selling, they are a person buying
Video makes it easier for them to get to know, like and trust you which makes it easier to become your customer
Video marketing is just like a lot of things in life; easy to do and hard to get started – it’s just like talking to your customers in real life, but super awkward and sorta wierd when you first start out.

Here’s the simple solution –
Just start, then get better. Pull the phone out of your pocket, think of three or four sentences, press record and let it rip. Watch the resulting video and either post it or do another take if you’d like it to be better. whatever better means to you.
Just remember; you are your own worst critic and pretty good is often good enough.
the expression is ready-aim-fire, don’t get stuck in “Ready aim / ready aim / ready aim” go for “Ready/FIRE / check results, make adjustments, do it again”

Don’t overthink “what to talk about” in the video – keep it simple; talk about what you do, why you do it and what your customers get. Answer those “most frequently asked questions” – you get them because that’s what people want to know.
Answer their questions and you’re the expert. People love to do business with the expert – they seldom ask for discounts and they frequently brag a little and recommend a lot.

Don’t let the camera seem scary or unnerving – you’re just talking to one person. That’s the way people are watching your video; one at a time. Just smile, talk to that one person. Send a little love to the camera, to the viewer, you are their expert, one on one.

From the technical side, it’s all about the light and sound. Flattering, soft light and clear sound without lots of distracting background noise. You’ve got to have good sound – if you’re using your camera phone, get a little plug in lapel mic for less than a hundred bucks, it will make a world of difference.

Set it up, press record, smile and tell them all about it.

Keep your videos short and sweet; brief and useful. You want to think about where you’re posting them and the results you’re seeking to finesse the wording of each; more casual on FB, more businesses on LinkedIn.
Thee simplest structure for a marketing video is this: “Hi, I’m ___ of ___ company. We do this thing ___, for these sorts of people ___, so they get this great result ___. We love doing this thing – and we’d love to do it for you – why not give me a call right now and find out more?”
Do something like that, post it, then go d o something else and post that. You’ll get a feel for what you like and what works – then go do that, and do it again!

At Social Jumpstart, we help businesses shine by creating elegant video stories that they use as marketing to attract new prospects, get new customers and grow their business. We love creating simple, effective video – and we’d love to do it for you, why not give me a call right now to find out more?