The Self-Care Story: Ruben J Rocha – More than Massage

by Jul 20, 2015

The story you tell about your business should often include big chunks of you (why you do this) and them (what your customers get from what you do) it’s your passion path combined with the customer benefit story. Often when we are talking about ourselves and our business, it’s important to keep in mind the phrase “…and this is important to you, because …” – we do want to stay on track so the viewer is getting value. What’s In It For Them?

In this simple video we hear (and see) Ruben J Rocha, a most excellent massage therapist with a big vision; his massage practice is the gateway for people to discover their own path to Self Care, a path he can guide them on. In a few short minutes Ruben takes us through the journey of what massage means to him and how massage plays a role in his quest to support people in living a better life;

We get a pretty good feel for who Ruben is; his gentle personality shines through in the video. People watch this short introduction and have the chance to ‘meet’ Ruben and get a feel for who he is and how he is. People get to know and like Ruben before they even meet him. This is important because a large part of his business is repeat customers, so the value of earning the trust of a new customer can outweigh the fee for a single session.

Because this is such a personal service and self care is an important (and often new concept) to put into action, there is room to expand, to tell a story of his client’s specific success and life changes in a second video;

These two videos give us a real feel for this man and a sense that he is on a mission to make the world a better place (we support that) by showing his clients how to lead a more fulfilling life through Self Care (we support that) and we come away with a feel for his dedication and passion (we support that) and are much more inclined to go book a massage (we support that!)

From a technical point of view, the videos could be a little better if I had positioned Ruben a little to the left or right (he’s pretty much centered), and the shot could be a bit tighter. There is a bit of camera shake or movement because I put the camera on a monopod for this one, a tripod would have been a better choice. That’s for next time – these are far from perfect, but they are good enough because they are up and available and people don’t expect a Super Bowl quality production, they just expect an interesting story – and we gave them that.

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