Be The LOCAL EXPERT in Your Field. 3 Simple Things You Can Do Today

When people think of you as the “Local Expert”, they’re much more likely to do business with you, it’s human nature to want (trust) the “Best”.

Here are 3 simple things you can do to establish yourself as the Go-To person in town, no matter what you do or sell.

FAQ’s; Be The Answer Woman

Our customers have problems that they need solved and naturally they have questions. What are the 3 FAQ’s you hear most often? Write them down and then answer each in a paragraph or two. Many people have similar questions and by answering them you accomplish several things; you give them something valuable (help) which I like, you prove your expertise in a way that helps me trust you and you’ve shared what you do in a completely relevant way, even if I don’t have the same exact question, I’ve come to know you a bit.

Share Your Customers Results

Don’t tell me what you can do, tell me what you did do for someone kind of like me, so I can relate. Nothing speaks louder about you than the words of others; if you can capture this as a first person testimonial, great. Another way to get the message across is to tell the story of their success; “Mary came in with this problem, we worked with her to create this solution and she experienced this transformation; her life was better in this specific way”. You are excited to share this, not because you want to brag about what you did, but because you’re excited about her results. As soon as I listen to a story about your customer, I am in her shoes and experience what those results could be like for me. Because it’s a real life story, it’s completely credible, much better than a list of claims and promises.

Tell Me Why

I want to know about you, but not from an ad. Tell me WHY you do what you do; the backstory. What beliefs do you have about the difference you make in the world doing this thing you do? What experiences did you have that propelled you into this business? How do the stresses and successes of your clients make you feel? How could all this relate to me?

You’re Local, you’re my neighbor. Once I understand that, I’m more inclined to pay attention to you and start to know you. Once I see that my friends or at least other folks around here, are happy doing business with you, it’s easier for me to appreciate what you do and I can start to like you and when I realize you have the answers to my questions, that means you can probably solve my problems also and I begin to trust you … as the Local Expert.

The more prospects can come to Know, Like and Trust you, the more customers you’ll have walking in the front door.

By going through the above simple exercises and writing it all down, you have 3 (or more) blog posts, you have 3 great posts for Facebook (posts that lend themselves to being shared) and you have 3 scripts for simple videos (yes, doing them on your phone is totally fine) – just read the FAQ into the camera (and tell the customer story and tell me Why … now you have more things to share and post.

Don’t forget the end; always end with a call to action. It doesn’t have to be “Buy Now” (probably shouldn’t be) but you should always ask for some sort of action – “Can we help you solve that problem? Give us a call!”

If you do nothing else for marketing this week, these 3 things will give you a major win – and marketing assets that you can use again and again in one form or another.

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