The first thing we think of when someone says “Snapchat” isn’t generally “Business Marketing” – but it should be because it’s new, hot and, especially if you’re targeting the under 30 crowd, a wide open opportunity for interesting, useful and entertaining business story marketing.
I got a classic response from Roberta Perry of this morning – “Aggh, not one more thing” which, coincidentally was MY first response. As it turns out – this is way easier than it looked – in large part because it’s all about real and not one bit about rehearsed. This gives us small business owners a quick and easy way to share a little tidbit – a little story.
Snapchats are just 10 seconds each (max) – like video tweets – a bit confounding (at first) After a bit of playing around, we realized that looking at each Snapchat as a single chapter (or paragraph) of a larger story made it all come together – and snapchat actually calls them ‘stories’ so I loved that from the get go 🙂
We just hired an awesome summer intern to lead the way into Snapchat Stories – she’s Rachel Sarner and she’s already created some interview and explainer video stories and she’s now sharing them with all of us as sort of an inspirational how-to guide. Stay tuned – and follow us on Snapchat 🙂
Snapchat for Business
Download the app and then just snap a photo of our logo/thumbnail to follow along – together we can make this fun – and profitable!