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Bringing Social Media and Email Marketing Together

You run both social media and email marketing campaigns, but they’re always independent of one another. No longer. Now you can integrate your social media and email to support both sides. Check out these tips for doing so:

  • Place big and bold social icons in your emails, preferably at the top so people can see/click on them.
  • Include a message with some humor or something that matches your brand, asking them to follow or “like” you on social media in the email.
  • Send an email campaign that is dedicated to inviting people to join your social networks.
  • Provide an incentive for joining your pages like a free giveaway or a coupon.
  • Promote your email sign ups on your social media pages.

As you can see, it all starts to fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Soon you’ll be generating leads from all kinds of networks. The infographic below will give you everything you need to strengthen your email marketing campaigns and use them to benefit all other aspects of your marketing.

Email Marketing Infographic
Credit: On Blast Blog

Matt Banner is a seasoned blogger and the author of On Blast Blog, where he focuses on teaching others how to start a blog and get more traffic to turn readers into customers.


email infographic