What’s ROR?

It’s Return on Relationship.

ROR is also the title of a refreshing concept and a terrific new book from Ted Rubin and Kathryn Rose.

A quick and insightful read – Return on Relationship speaks perfectly to how social media has so quickly changed customer communication and marketing channels. It also succinctly reviews how to embrace and evolve your brand and small business to take advantage of the new social landscape.

Granted – much of the book is aimed at large brands and how they must change their thinking. Yet all of the principles can and do apply to even the smallest enterprise.

In these 129 pages are common sense points, basic – yet solid- social platform overviews, and some great pro tips too.

Some key takeaways:

1)   Beware the advertising trap.

Social media is NOT a one-way advertising bullhorn. Rinse – repeat and remember!

2)   Listen.

It’s the first rule of all our training here at Social Jumpstart and it plays prominently in ROR. Why? Because it is critical. Don’t just jump in and start talking. Listen to what is being said and then speak to the context and add value. And see #1 again!

3)   Real is better than Perfect.

This point is a personal favorite. Over my many years of marketing I have seen so many brand managers try to make their brand look perfect. Good luck with that! Be real. We all know that nothing is perfect. Admit it – own it and resolve it. Even if you can’t fix it – be humble and be engaged.

Return on Relationship is full of great real world case studies, examples and tons of smart advice. Even though it is focused on big brands – every small business can apply the same approach and we’ll say it right here to Ted and Kathryn – how about a 2nd edition focused on the unique needs of the smaller organization? We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!