One Secret Trick to Make Google Love Your Website – and You.

You may have a pretty site, but the wrong meta description tag can tank your rank in the Google results and cost you money.

You must have a website for your business, otherwise where are people going to learn more about what you do and make sure they want to do business with you?

You’ve probably spent more than enough time and money building your site; easy layout, great photos, tons of content, everything you need to attract prospects and turn them into customers.

That’s good – but not good enough for the search engines. The right technical structure is critical for SEO, search engine optimization, so Google can see your site as positively as your customers do.

What’s the secret to getting some Google love? A meta description tag.

This used to really confuse me for some reason – turns out it’s pretty straight forward to understand and easy to implement.

A meta description tag is a little paragraph, a couple of sentences that summarize your webpage’s content. When you search for a business on Google, the page gives you a list of results. At the top of each listing is the business name in blue text; below it is the website link, beneath that is the brief summary of what this business – or page – is all about — that’s your meta description tag!

This brief description is what will entice Google searchers to go to your site because of who you are and what you offer.

This short description is simple, and you want to make it count. Good News! Here are a couple of simple ways to make sure your website’s meta description tag gets you results.

  • You get up to 320 characters for your description, use at least half that or more for good results. Yes, the length of the description is important and you should also include the keywords your customers may use in search. As you optimize for local search, include your town, your city or your area.
  • Each description should be unique to the page. Don’t copy and paste the same snippet on each page. The content should describe your business and the page content for searchers and entice them to click on your URL.
  • Don’t forget the call-to-action. Use an active sales voice to share your products or services and explain why customers should visit your small business website, so you make sales.
Since you’re in the business of making money by meeting people, talking to them and selling them something, make sure you get the advantage over your online competition by having a website that get’s attention through Google because you’ve given simple meta descriptions that get you search results and sales results.

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