Recently, we published a post on how to tell a story about your small business superpower. It was so well received that we decided to condense it into an infographic that you can keep on hand as a quick tip sheet of sorts.

Your company’s Superpower is something intangible that customers identify with your business. Perhaps they think of you as the one business they can always count on for reliability, or friendliness, or creativity. What matters most is that it matters to them. It’s one of the main reasons why they continue to shop with you, online and off, and not another business.

So it only makes sense to tell a great story about that superpower, right?

Once someone relies on you for one of those “intangible” qualities, they tell their friends and family all about you and your small business. “Bob always has this in stock”…or…”I’ve never had a bad meal at Marie’s restaurant” or…”I trust Jennifer’s advice completely”.

Superpower stories get shared more readily because they come from a reliable source – friends. So help them help you get the word out. Tell your story in a shareable format –  a blog post – a video – even as a series of photos on Instagram.

This is one type of story you need to be telling. It will get seen and shared.

Small Biz Superpower Graphic Socialjumpstart


Small Biz Superpower Graphic Socialjumpstart

social jumpstart infographic – small business superpower