Open for PinterestWe knew it was coming and indeed – here it is: Business Pages are now available on Pinterest!

Much like Facebook Pages and Twitter Profiles the uber popular Pinterest announced this week that they will now offer businesses the ability to create specific Business Accounts separate from Personal Accounts.

So, what does this mean for your business and what should you do?

First, this offers another excellent social channel that you should consider utilizing. With millions of active users, people could be looking for you on Pinterest. And by having a presence you also help support your visibility in search results too. So those are two reasons why you should jump on this early opportunity to get your presence on Pinterest even if you don’t plan to be active right away. Much like our advice about Google Plus, we urge all small businesses and organizations to claim their brand on Pinterest ASAP.

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, ask a few of your female friends or customers (the site is hugely popular with women) if they know anything about it. Chances are good that you know more people than you think that love the highly visual site. Depending on the nature of your business, Pinterest may be a natural fit for your social efforts, especially those in retail and other B2C segments. Pinterest can also be used for B2B firms; however, the fit may not be as obvious or important. Regardless – claim your Business Account soon because this is a unique and growing social network that could become even more important to you in the future.

If you are already a Pinterest lover then we probably don’t have to do much convincing. Pinterest fans should check out some of the cool case studies on the site as inspiration for some best practices that might help your own business efforts.

Happy Pinning from all of us at Social Jumpstart!