How Jeff Walker is Saving the World

Jeff Walker's Launch Book

As entrepreneurs we all face similar challenges – sometimes they are from the outside; business roadblocks, customer hurdles, vendor hassles – and sometimes they are internal; the secret nagging fears and doubts that can creep in around the edges from time to time.

Let me turn you on to a guy that has had a significant impact on what we do and how we do it; his name is Jeff Walker, he’s t…

The Smartphone Revolution

Today’s guest post is by Nick Rojas an online journalist and business enthusiast living in Southern California. His writing covers everything from developing communications to the future of technology in business. He also enjoys sharing his passion for technology with fellow entrepreneurs

Few technologies have grown as rapidly to become an integral part of everyday life as the smartphone.

Storytelling’s Magic Moment

Every person has a story, the small business owner, the entrepreneur with a disruptive design, or the woman walking her dog past you on the sidewalk. In social media we talk about storytelling as a form of engagement, conversation, and authenticity. But the word we often forget to mention is “inclusion”. This is what defines the storytelling aspect of social media marketing.

Inclusion is…

Mobile Marketing Strategy: 6 Ways to Connect to Smartphone Users

You’re getting ready to leave for a morning meeting with a new client on the other side of town. You remember there’s a popular donut shop that just opened a second location in that area. You decide it would be a nice touch to bring a box of warm donuts to the meeting. Luckily, the shop has an App you downloaded to your smartphone and in moments you know exactly how to get to them and you s…

4 Tips for a Facebook Contest

Creating a Facebook contest can be a great way to attract new prospects. You can also use one to highlight a new product, fundraise, and boost engagement with current customers. A well-run contest can also gain gain more likes for your business and provide valuable customer information. But you can’t just throw one together, and expect people to find it and participate. We have 4 Tips to…

10 Tips for Blogging for Small Business

Online marketing for your small business is all about getting found. Your blog is your “home” on the Internet, and a huge part of getting found is through a business blog. Search engines love fresh, updated content. It’s the best way to get maximum exposure and stregthen your community. A blog will show current and potential customers why they should do business with you and valuable content…

Facebook Remains Top Social Network

There are multiple social media networks out there now, but Facebook remains the top social network and continues to lead the way as the most effective online marketing platform for small business. Whether you’re just starting to build a page for your company or if you’re already established, be sure to continue giving your business page a little extra TLC on Facebook. Here’s…

Effective Short Videos for Business

Can your business tell your story in 15 seconds? How about six?

Chances are you’ve watched a video on your phone recently. Video viewership online has rocketed, and there is no sign of it slowing down. With immensely popular video apps like Vine and Instagram, now it’s easier than ever to shoot and share your story. The short format of these videos is different from the traditiona…

Seven Tips for Writing Great Content

We can set up the best SEO in the world but without great content we can easily lose our audience in social media. Some business owners are uncomfortable about writing. It’s just not their “thing”. That’s ok. We don’t have to be professional writers. We just have to know where to start and then follow some basic guidelines.

Focus on a product or service to promote and then consider…

Small Business Take Note – Location Marketing on Facebook Is Nearby

Fscebook Nearby on Sociao Jumpstart

We’ve talked about the importance location marketing with Google Plus and  Yelp too.  Now Facebook is enhancing its location based information with its new “Nearby” feature and this will mean big opportunities for your small business. But you have to get in the game!

The new feature is built into Facebook’s mobile apps and allows people to rate and review businesses and services.

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