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Social Storytelling Needs Great Design

Social media thrives on visual stories. And as you get busy creating photos and videos to show your business to the world, consider how the elements of your overall graphic design can give coherence to all your social storytelling.

Your graphic design aesthetic is an extension of the personality of your business. It conveys not just a theme, but an attitude and a sense of the values that…

Mike Wolpert: Social Storytelling is the New Marketing

Everybody loves a story. And everybody has a story to tell. Which is why social storytelling gives small business owners and entrepreneurs a valuable way to connect with customers that moves their relationship well beyond a simple “Like”. It invites the customer in and allows the business owner to share their “why” on a human level. The best part is that any small business owner can start telling…

The Smartphone Revolution

Today’s guest post is by Nick Rojas an online journalist and business enthusiast living in Southern California. His writing covers everything from developing communications to the future of technology in business. He also enjoys sharing his passion for technology with fellow entrepreneurs

Few technologies have grown as rapidly to become an integral part of everyday life as the smartphone.

Storytelling’s Magic Moment

Every person has a story, the small business owner, the entrepreneur with a disruptive design, or the woman walking her dog past you on the sidewalk. In social media we talk about storytelling as a form of engagement, conversation, and authenticity. But the word we often forget to mention is “inclusion”. This is what defines the storytelling aspect of social media marketing.

Inclusion is…

5 Lessons Social Media Can Teach Managers; with Steve McIntosh of Fanhub


Steve McIntosh, Chief Fan Ambassador of Fanhub, a collaboration platform for small businesses, talks to us about how to integrate social media culture with traditional business, why being open-minded is a key to making successful workplace change, and how customers are your true sales force.  And he offers five key lessons managers can use to leverage social media in business, giving…

7 Habits That Will Get You Noticed On LinkedIn

Professionals join LinkedIn to make connections. But that doesn’t mean they want to be inundated with marketing emails from people they just met. Nor does it mean they want to join a Group discussion only to find others who are busy pushing their latest product or website launch instead of genuinely engaging in the Group.

Linkedin is about building quality connections for your career, and…

5 Ways to (Re)Create Original Content for Pinterest

For any business owner, Pinterest is about sharing original, brand-focused content to drive sales. But you’re convinced that your hectic schedule just doesn’t give you enough time to create original content.  Why not take a moment and check out the following five ideas? You might already have some of these items posted on your website or YouTube pages, which means that you don’t need to…

Curating Content? Try Sliding Down a Social Rabbit Hole

Curating Content - the social media rabbit hole

Curating content is something most writers love doing because quite often we end up down an unexpected rabbit hole, like Alice in Wonderland. And let me tell you, those unexpected rabbit holes are some of the most delightful places to discover new ways of looking at the world. Sometimes you just want to stay down there for hours, playing. Social media platforms are riddled with rabbit holes if…

The Hummingbird Effect: A Basic Understanding of Google’s Algorithm Update

SEO can be confusing to anyone who doesn’t spend their days studying it. In fact, most small business owners probably don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to learning all about SEO, they really just want to know the basics and how to make it work for them. Then they want to get back to the business of doing business.

When Google released Hummingbird there was certainly some groaning…

Storytelling: Blogging for Sales Reps

The biggest challenges for a sales rep are establishing your expert status in your niche and
answering the question of why people should do business with you. Added to your pain is the fact that the product or service you’re offering isn’t always something a lot of people are
clamoring to buy: life insurance, radio advertising, payroll services, etc.

How much time are you talking wit…

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