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Social Media Guard – Coke Solves the Problem!

social media guard - coke

Social Media Addiction? Well, here’s a solution!

The Social Media Guard from our pals at Coca Cola – Lest we forget that there is still the Real World out there. (I know there is, I saw it on Instagram)

Enjoy! -Mik…

Setting the Scene: The Visual Appeal of Storytelling for Business

Since the dawn of the Jedi, when a golden god captivated his audiences with tales of good versus
evil, storytellers have continued to be a vital part of our world. They remind us of who we are,
binding us through history, a sense of destiny and above all, meaning.

In visual storytelling, the narrator creates the arc of the plot through action, tone, and language
that best conveys t…

Social Mentoring: It Goes Both Ways

One of the great things about social media is that it opens up avenues for mentoring. Everyone appreciates a mentor. That individual who has achieved some facet of life we aspire to: education, wealth, power, love, passion, health, energy, etc. Maybe they’re a coach. Maybe they’re a motivator. Maybe they’re a teacher.

It used to be that someone would write a book and people would buy it,…

Social Media Leaders 2012 {infographic}

Best Small Business “Must Know’s” About Social Media

What All Small Businesses Should Know About Social Media

 Here’s what I learned from Roohi Moolla—social media expert, founder of, and author ofFacebook in 14 Days! A Practical Guide to Get Your Business Online (available on Amazon)—about the best ways for small businesses to utilize social media.


What Small Businesses Should Know About ALL Socia…

Every :60 in Social Media

Every :60 in Social Media, Millions of People Connect – this graphic shows the where and how:

Every minute in social media millions of interactions take place – they happen on Pinterest, Foursquare, Flickr, Tagged, LinkedIn,StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook,…



Here’s how Alicia Dunams—founder of Bestseller in a Weekend, in her interview with Mike Wolpert of Social Jumpstart TV—convinced me that every business owner should write a book.


Everyone is an expert about something. How can people be confident in you if you’re not confident in yourself? If you consider yourself an expert, you…

Creating a Shared Story: the Art of Blogging

Here’s what I learned from Suzanna Stinnett—author, blogger, consultant, and founder of the Bay Area Bloggers Society—in an interview with Mike Wolpert of Social Jumpstart TV about the beautiful art form of blogging.

Stinnett’s Advice About Starting a Blog

-If you don’t understand the technology, you might feel really stuck. But the technology of starting a blog has actually…

5 Things You NEVER should do on Twitter!

5 Things You NEVER should do on Twitter!

You’ve spent lots of time and effort crafting your online image and identity, you’ve built a good reputation and it can serve you well long into the future – unless you destroy it, something that can happen with a single tweet (as we have seen from several actors and politicians lately.

Here are 5 things to NEVER do on…

8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Digital Rights Management

Eight Mind-Blowing Things I Just Learned About Digital Rights Management

(learned from Sarah Houghton, AKA The Librarian in Black, being interviewed by Mike Wolpert on Social Jumpstart TV.)

1. In most cases, after you buy digital media, you don’t actually own anything. All you’re doing is licensing the right to use or access digital content in certain ways, on certain devices. T…

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