Social Storytelling Needs Great Design

Social media thrives on visual stories. And as you get busy creating photos and videos to show your business to the world, consider how the elements of your overall graphic design can give coherence to all your social storytelling.

Your graphic design aesthetic is an extension of the personality of your business. It conveys not just a theme, but an attitude and a sense of the values that…

How to Get Your Business More Facebook Fans

We talk quite a bit in the world of business social marketing about the need to “connect” and “engage” and “post good content” – and a lot of other really valuable concepts and buzzwords – and then sometimes it just comes down to a simple question I hear again and again: How do I get more fans to my Facebook page?

Now while Facebook fans are not the be all and end all holy…

Going for the Win! Maximize YOUR …
Small Business Saturday : November 30th

If Benjamin Franklin wanted to engage more customers on Small Business Saturday, what would his “To Do” list look like?

Be inventive – offer something new
Make it electric – create a positive atmosphere
Put Paul Revere in charge of getting the message out via social media
Have Jefferson craft the message
Ask Dolly Madison to whip up some free snack cakes

It would be fun.

Facebook’s New Promotions for Business

Facebook just made it a lot easier for businesses to run promotions on our own pages – if you’re using an app to run promotions, that’s still fine – and now promotions can be run right on the page, for example, businesses can now;

Collect entries by having users post on the page or comment/like a page post
Collect entries by having users message the page
Use likes as votes.

However -…

Small Business Social Marketing: Facebook in 40 Minutes Training Program

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, do you feel a little overwhelmed by social media even though you just know there’s value in it for you?
The majority of our customers felt the same way. They found that with a little help, they were able to get a handle on it – understanding, leveraging, and ultimately have fun in the world of social marketing.
Does your Facebook page effectively…

Listening to the Customer

Think about the last time you spoke with a business owner or employee who made you feel as if you were a truly valued customer. Didn’t you come away from that encounter feeling heard? Visible? Understood? Wouldn’t you want a customer to feel that way when they engage with you on Facebook and Twitter?

In the often noisy atmosphere of social media it can feel like we are trying to listen to…

Instagram Video vs Vine

It’s been two weeks since Facebook released video for Instagram. Their version of Twitter’s popular video sharing app, Vine, stepped it up by including 13 new filters, video stabilization, and the ability to choose a cover clip.  To add to the blow, an additional nine seconds were added to rival Vine’s six second recording capability. Now that we’ve had a little bit of time to play around…

Small Business Take Note – Location Marketing on Facebook Is Nearby

Fscebook Nearby on Sociao Jumpstart

We’ve talked about the importance location marketing with Google Plus and  Yelp too.  Now Facebook is enhancing its location based information with its new “Nearby” feature and this will mean big opportunities for your small business. But you have to get in the game!

The new feature is built into Facebook’s mobile apps and allows people to rate and review businesses and services.

Are Facebook Promoted Posts A Positive For Small Business?

Facebook Promoted Posts for Small Business

Facebook hit 1 billion global monthly users this week. That’s a big number and big news. They followed this with more news announcing Personal Promoted Posts in the USA at an initial $7 a pop.  This appears to be an extension of their Promoted Pages program into Personal Pages for individuals with less than 5,000 friends on a test basis.

The company has had this feature already in play in…

Do People Prefer Facebook Pages Over Websites?

Facebook Page or Website - what's best for your business?

That headline suggests you might want to scrap your web site and just go with Facebook Pages. Well, not so fast.

Even though this recent study from Lab42 in Chicago indicates that 50% of people prefer a business’s Facebook Page rather than its Web Site you almost certainly still need both.

What is the most interesting part of this survey and the other findings, reviewed in t…

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