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Social Storytelling Needs Great Design

Social media thrives on visual stories. And as you get busy creating photos and videos to show your business to the world, consider how the elements of your overall graphic design can give coherence to all your social storytelling.

Your graphic design aesthetic is an extension of the personality of your business. It conveys not just a theme, but an attitude and a sense of the values that…

What The Heck Is A #Hashtag? Twitter Basics For Business Owners

The first thing a small business owner should understand about Twitter is that it has a different energy than Facebook. It’s fast-paced and forthright. And there are a lot of conversations happening beyond what you see in your feed. It’s a busy place with lots of curious eyes, so if you take the time to start off on the right foot and participate regularly, your brand can reap positiv…

Shop Small Saturday: It’s a Social Event

Social media is the perfect way to showcase your participation in Shop Small Saturday or Small Business Saturday. Here are 7 social marketing ideas that will Jumpstart your customer engagement for the big day:

1. Make it Mobile. Offer a coupon or QR code that’s good for Small Business Saturday / Shop Small Saturday only and redeemable in-store. Start promoting it several days in advance and…

Mastering Hashtags for Business

Hashtags are important to small business owners – understanding how hashtags work and why they should be included as part of our social media strategyis helpful. On all the major social media platforms, a # symbol turns a keyword or phrase into a search link. It’s a convenient way to organize your content, make it easily found, and even adds personality to your brand.  A website or URL only…

How To Use Social Media Marketing to Level the Playing Field

Social Media Marketing levels the playing field for small business! Want to know how Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are beneficial to your small business? Mike Wolpert has the skinny on the What, Why and How for these major players in social media. Here is his concise breakdown of each one and the steps you can take today that will allow you to build brand recognition, increase loyalty…

Social Media Marketing Is A Conversation

We talk a lot about having a conversation in social media marketing. But what does that really mean? Some business owners want to sell products the way they were taught before the advent of Facebook and Twitter. They don’t understand why their customers now want to have a conversation with them and they don’t grasp what that conversation should be about. Unable to see how the customer…

Partner Your Business Email Newsletters and Social Media

Do you have an email newsletter for your business and wish you were reaching a wider audience so more people could read it?

As a business owner you probably realize that a good email list is a great marketing asset, your current list is likely to be of current and past customers along with some new prospects – all good! Since you’re putting the effort into creating your emails, it makes sens…

Social Mentoring: It Goes Both Ways

One of the great things about social media is that it opens up avenues for mentoring. Everyone appreciates a mentor. That individual who has achieved some facet of life we aspire to: education, wealth, power, love, passion, health, energy, etc. Maybe they’re a coach. Maybe they’re a motivator. Maybe they’re a teacher.

It used to be that someone would write a book and people would buy it,…

Social Groups: Peers vs. Trolls
Managing Your Group, without the Chaos

Some small business owners aren’t just using social media for marketing. We’re also part of online forums or social groups related to our professions. We go to these sites for advice, learning opportunities and camaraderie. But what happens when someone asks a group a question to gain their input and the conversation goes from generating great ideas and support to…

The Power of Pinterest for Business

Small business owners can have fun using Pinterest to make their social marketing a more visual experience. Not familiar with Pinterest? No problem.

In simple terms, Pinterest is a giant virtual Pin board where people go to share ideas, photos and videos they find on websites across the internet. This method of sharing is called “Pinning”, rather than Tweeting or Posting. People who us…

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