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Social Storytelling Needs Great Design

Social media thrives on visual stories. And as you get busy creating photos and videos to show your business to the world, consider how the elements of your overall graphic design can give coherence to all your social storytelling.

Your graphic design aesthetic is an extension of the personality of your business. It conveys not just a theme, but an attitude and a sense of the values that…

Storytelling’s Magic Moment

Every person has a story, the small business owner, the entrepreneur with a disruptive design, or the woman walking her dog past you on the sidewalk. In social media we talk about storytelling as a form of engagement, conversation, and authenticity. But the word we often forget to mention is “inclusion”. This is what defines the storytelling aspect of social media marketing.

Inclusion is…

7 Habits That Will Get You Noticed On LinkedIn

Professionals join LinkedIn to make connections. But that doesn’t mean they want to be inundated with marketing emails from people they just met. Nor does it mean they want to join a Group discussion only to find others who are busy pushing their latest product or website launch instead of genuinely engaging in the Group.

Linkedin is about building quality connections for your career, and…

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Poor Business Reviews Online

The crappy online review.  It happens. To all of us.

Sometimes warranted (rarely) but always a concern, poor business reviews online can really hurt your business. We’ve all been there.  On Yelp, Yahoo, Reddit, Twitter or any number of sites or apps there’s a pit you might get in your stomach when you read negative comments about your product, service or business.

You might ask…

Storytelling: Blogging for Sales Reps

The biggest challenges for a sales rep are establishing your expert status in your niche and
answering the question of why people should do business with you. Added to your pain is the fact that the product or service you’re offering isn’t always something a lot of people are
clamoring to buy: life insurance, radio advertising, payroll services, etc.

How much time are you talking wit…

Native Advertising and Small Business Social

There’s a relatively new buzz term making the rounds with large advertisers and big brands these days:“Native Advertising”. It’s a new name for an old tactic being applied (primarily) to interactive mediums.

Simply put, native ads are ads that are designed and deployed to look more like regular (or “native”) content and less like ads. Think of an infomercial on TV or an advertoria…

Going for the Win! Maximize YOUR …
Small Business Saturday : November 30th

If Benjamin Franklin wanted to engage more customers on Small Business Saturday, what would his “To Do” list look like?

Be inventive – offer something new
Make it electric – create a positive atmosphere
Put Paul Revere in charge of getting the message out via social media
Have Jefferson craft the message
Ask Dolly Madison to whip up some free snack cakes

It would be fun.

The Power of Photos in Social Media Marketing

The old cliché “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true to your small business social media marketing plan. Image sharing is the fastest growing social media channel today, making visuals the most powerful and critical element of your marketing. A visual campaign grabs attention, tells your story, and stimulates emotion – quickly and with little or no words. The power of photos in…

Diane Sawyer Covers YouTube Resignation. National News?

YouTube video covered by the National Networks again

If you have any lingering doubts about the importance of online video, consider this; last night on ABC World News, Diane Sawyer shifted the focus on one of the greatest news organizations on the planet to cover the story of a young woman resigning from her job at a video production shop … in a video.
It was pretty clever … if you haven’t seen it, watch here.
Her former employer’s…

Linking Up with LinkedIn: Small Business Social Networking

Here are three great ways to make LinkedIn, (the social networking site for professionals) work for you and your business:

Create Professional Connections.  Entrepreneurs are using LinkedIn to successfully network with other like-minded individuals and build their professional network.  This is a platform where you can connect one-on-one, promote your business, share their articles or eBooks…

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