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5 Lessons Social Media Can Teach Managers; with Steve McIntosh of Fanhub


Steve McIntosh, Chief Fan Ambassador of Fanhub, a collaboration platform for small businesses, talks to us about how to integrate social media culture with traditional business, why being open-minded is a key to making successful workplace change, and how customers are your true sales force.  And he offers five key lessons managers can use to leverage social media in business, giving…

What The Heck Is A #Hashtag? Twitter Basics For Business Owners

The first thing a small business owner should understand about Twitter is that it has a different energy than Facebook. It’s fast-paced and forthright. And there are a lot of conversations happening beyond what you see in your feed. It’s a busy place with lots of curious eyes, so if you take the time to start off on the right foot and participate regularly, your brand can reap positiv…

Social Media Guard – Coke Solves the Problem!

social media guard - coke

Social Media Addiction? Well, here’s a solution!

The Social Media Guard from our pals at Coca Cola – Lest we forget that there is still the Real World out there. (I know there is, I saw it on Instagram)

Enjoy! -Mik…

Curating Content? Try Sliding Down a Social Rabbit Hole

Curating Content - the social media rabbit hole

Curating content is something most writers love doing because quite often we end up down an unexpected rabbit hole, like Alice in Wonderland. And let me tell you, those unexpected rabbit holes are some of the most delightful places to discover new ways of looking at the world. Sometimes you just want to stay down there for hours, playing. Social media platforms are riddled with rabbit holes if…

5 Ideas for Compelling Content Creation

Content Creation is Communication for Business

Here’s a recent question from a client: “I’m stuck. How do you consistently come up with compelling content for weekly posts? Any tips, tricks or solutions?”

Well, of course! With the release of Hummingbird, Google’s newest algorithm change, writing content isn’t about reaching for single keywords to get higher search rankings; it’s about answering questions by writing to an…

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Poor Business Reviews Online

The crappy online review.  It happens. To all of us.

Sometimes warranted (rarely) but always a concern, poor business reviews online can really hurt your business. We’ve all been there.  On Yelp, Yahoo, Reddit, Twitter or any number of sites or apps there’s a pit you might get in your stomach when you read negative comments about your product, service or business.

You might ask…

What’s Jelly? (and Should Your Small Business Care?)

Jelly App

Jelly, not to be confused with the small business rewards program Belly, is a new question and answer app released yesterday by a co-founder of Twitter and it’s getting a lot of attention in the tech press. Essentially it is a question and answer app using pictures. Think Instagram  meets Yahoo Answers or Quora.

We’re always keeping an eye out for the latest news and trends in…

Business Storytelling: Be The Authority

Do you realize that your customers want you to be the authority? Ever take a moment to stop and understand why?

Sure, they expect you to know all the products and services you provide. But they also expect you to know the biography of your products. Where are they made, how are they made, why do you believe these products are superior to any others on the market? How do you use them? How do…

Are You Selling the Scream or Telling the Story?

Telling your business story

Here’s a recent morning Headline:
“Mad Dash for Shoppers: Stores Stay Open for 100 Hours”
Well – if that doesn’t scream desperation, I don’t know what does. What do you think?
Each year the holiday shopping season gets louder. This year it’s evolved into one long, shrill message from companies, “Sale! Buy! Sale! Buy! Sale!”

Think about the customers who buy the scream. They’v…

Storytelling 101: Be Your Own Customer, Find the Love

You tell the story of your brand to help customers connect with you on an emotional level.  You want them to trust and love your brand. When you put out a product, you want them to embrace it, rave about it and make it part of their lifestyle.

Emotional selling isn’t a new concept. Research on the human brain has consistently shown that humans tend to purchase products based on their…

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